Summer Projects

This year more then ever, we’ve had “projects.” I’m sure many of you have also joined the covid-inspired bandwagon on getting things done around the house. We too, have been racking up the projects… and when I say “we” I mean I have come up with LOTS of fun and exciting things for my husband to do. We’ve been working on remodeling our basement, fixing up a hot tub, and other odds and ends.

But our BIGGEST project so far has been purchasing and remodeling a camper!

I started camping when I was just 2 weeks old and have been enjoying it ever since. When Charlotte was a little baby we purchased a pop-up camper, just like I had growing up. Over the last year we have been discussing getting a pull behind to give us a little more space and a quicker set-up time. We went back and forth about what we wanted and needed to make it worth the purchase. My parents best friends were selling their camper and we decided to take them up on the opportunity (THANKS Jim & Beth!) We were able to sell our popup for a great price and got to work on our new “Stammeyer Farmstead Mobile Guesthouse”

The camper had been in storage for a couple years and needed a good cleaning as a couple mice had made it their home. It didn’t take long at all to get things cleaned up but there was a smell left behind. I found THIS enzyme formula that got rid of the smell in one use! I put a spray top on the bottle and just sprayed everything, cabinets, counters, cushions, everything! The smell has not returned, I highly recommend!!


Once the smell was taken care of, we got to work on the other updates. Ross put in a new floor throughout the camper which I LOVE and completely changed the whole look of the camper. We used a floating laminate with a quarter round trim. Even though the flooring color was a contrasting color to the existing cabinets, I was confident I could pull it all together.

I started painting… and then couldn’t stop! There were some very dated valances over the windows that I painted with acrylic paint along with some fabric covered parts of the cabinets. I painted the walls of the kitchen/living room area and the bathroom. My mom helped me recover the table cushions and the couch using sheets. Mom handled the sewing part and I used kam snaps to finish the covers. I purchased THESE mirrored stickers to covered the frosted mirrors that were also quite dated. Add in a few pillows and accessories and BAM! She’s done! 

Camper.Bedroom (1)Camper.bathroom (1)

I’m so proud of how this project turned out and incredibly grateful to my husband who goes along with my crazy ideas. We can’t wait to go camping!

Happy Harvesting,


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