Things I Love

Hey Friends! So my New Year's Resolution of writing weekly hasn't been going so great, but I'm still trying!! I thought I'd get back to it with a post I've been wanting to try for a while. It's a list of some of my favorite current products. Random stuff from random parts of my life.... Continue Reading →

Just a Farmer: Time & Land

I have found that there are four basic things needed to become a farmer; time, land, money and big dreams. I've also found that it's fairly easy to obtain two of these, three is a challenge and all four... well, we aren't there yet! Today I will share my thoughts on two of these "farming... Continue Reading →

Into the Universe

Sometimes you just have to put it out there. Into the universe. Let the world know what's up.  Intentions. Goals. Plans. Ideas. Passion. It's the question that both haunts me and motivates me: What are you doing with your life?  There are the obvious answers; mom, wife, homemaker, farmer (kinda), employee, business owner.  But what... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Letter

Due to holiday planning, parties, a new job and illness, our family Christmas card didn't get printed this year. I wasn't sure how I was going to get it sent out! Then my genius cousin-in-law's card came with a note to read their card on her blog! I thought, well duh!! So here it is!!!... Continue Reading →

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