Passing on Healing

I just wanted to take a quick moment to Thank everyone for the kind words and encouragement I have received after posting my personal story of healing. (link back to read here)

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and said something completely random, then had to back track to explain where that thought came from?? I do it often. That is why I posted my story. I felt that I had a lot of posts written in my head, but you would need the back story. That’s it, I just wanted to explain ‘stuff’. I thought there might be some people out their who could relate maybe not. Either way, I just wanted to share so y’all had some understanding. Then I started getting comments of thanks and praise for my strength and courage to post my story. I never thought of it as courageous. There is the Holy Spirit. He was working through me to pass this on.

So thank you for your support. Thank you for the love. Blogging has become my release, and with every view, I gain strength. My struggles find purpose when others are able to find meaning in them.

Happy Harvesting,


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