Hobnob & Hogwash

I have many childhood memories of impromptu block party grill outs and playing night games with the neighborhood kids until long after the street lights came on. I loved summer time with friends. I still do love summer time with friends, but my neighbors live further away and impromptu isn’t a very regular thing.

Last year we took on a large renovation project on our home. We put in new doors and windows, re-sided the house and added a large deck. My very skilled and talented husband did more than 95% of the work himself, with some help from family. The transformation our front yard has seen over the past year is quite impressive. Our deck is fitted with a perfectly sized bar, string lights, ceiling fans and custom post toppers. It was made to fit an extra-large table and overlooks our best view. It’s as close to perfection as I can about imagine.

It was a dream I had, started on a piece of scratch paper and developed over years to a plan. Ross executed my vision in an unbelievable way. I am so proud of what he has given to our family.

As this project came to completion, a new idea started. I call it Hobnob&Hogwash. This was my way of doing “impromptu gatherings.” The name means “gathering with friends to share in conversation and a beverage or two.” I scheduled a standing invitation, one night a week, to anyone who wanted to join. My family gave me a fancy-dancy popcorn machine for mother’s day that we pull out each week. It was never anything super special, and yet every week has been extra special. Already, some great memories have been made sitting on that deck. Recently, we held the First Annual Hobnob&Hogwash Pork Roast & Night Games Event. The evening was fill with delicious food, great conversation, rousing games of capture the flag (house rules are everyone plays), many wonderful friends, and ending the night with fireworks. It was everything summer should be.  I’m already looking forward to next year. If you are a local friend, join our group on facebook. The deck will stay open until the weather tells us differently.

I have long dreamed of a restaurant or bed & breakfast. Or maybe something like a pizza ranch. Hobnob&Hogwash is my start at that dream. Opening my home, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for my friends and loved ones while building an opportunity to provide and care for my family. It’s about big dreams and farm love.

Happy Harvesting,


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