Girl Time!

I never really knew how much I loved “Girl Time” until I had a daughter to share it with. My little lady is definitely one of my favorite people and I love spending special moments with her. She’s incredibly funny, inquisitive, curious, insightful, loving and vivacious. She loves her farm, brothers, dad and animals. But her primary interests come in the line of all things stereotypically “girl.” She adores make up and nail polish. She spends her days in the dreamland of barbies and dollies. She always wants to have pretty dressing and fancy hair. And I love every minute of it. (Ok, most minutes… but you know what I mean.) But this gal isn’t limited by her girl-ish entertainments. She already has dreams of being a doctor and playing the drums in the marching band. She is bond for big things. Char-babe, as we affectionately call her, turned FIVE earlier this month. The time has absolutely FLOWN by. We celebrated our girl with a unicorn birthday party, chinese take out (her fave and mine!) and lots of love. I also gave her a special make-over with ALL the make up. Don’t worry folks, it was just for fun at home. Daddy was not about to allow his pretty princess out of the house looking like that! It will happen before he’s ready anyway, so he’s holding on as long as he can!! Charlotte, we love you so deeply.

I have many hopes and dreams for my daughter. Some of the things highest on the list are: love others, be kind, grow your brain and your heart, never stop learning, lean to Christ. I have been blessed with incredible children, but also with the opportunity to give them a good life. They will always have shelter over their heads, food in their bellies, beds to sleep in, doctors and schools to go to, people who will guide them though all of life’s struggles. I can’t imagine a world where this isn’t possible. But many girls in our world, even our own communities don’t have these gifts. As part of my new years resolution to be more eco-friendly, I came across an organic famine hygiene company. As I continued to look into this company, I found that they use their products, proceeds and voice to empower women in the U.S. and around the world by providing better products for their menstrual needs along health education. BOOM!!! I was a fan right away and ordered a sample pack. I was blown away by how “normal” these products were. I found little to no visible difference from the tampons and pads I had been using. However, now they were better for my body, the environment and community. Cora is awesome. This subscription company offers a three-month supply, custom build for your personal needs. I love that I don’t have to worry about running to the store every month to get my need met, everything comes right to my door! And there are so many cool extras, including a very sleek travel case and extra tampons to share with friends. You also get a picture of a young lady who you have helped. As an added bonus, the Cora website is filled with sex education articles and women’s health information and tips. It’s pretty great. This post isn’t sponsored in any way, I just really have liked their products and their message. If you are interested in giving Cora a try, please use THIS LINK¬†for a $5 off coupon!

We are living in a time when women are rising in their power and passion. I am so proud to be able to raise brave and courageous woman, and to be one too!

Happy Harvesting,


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