To Short

Yesterday I received some very sad news. A family friend has passed away in car accident. This young man was only a few years older then I. Four short years ago, this family lost their dad, and now a brother. That is far to much sadness for one family. After Monday's post, this one is... Continue Reading →

Healing Tool

So today I'm going to tell you a little story. It's probably going to be a long story. But it's the story of why the blog came to be. I feel it is time to share this. Many years ago, as a sophomore in high school I was diagnosed with depression. At first is was... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the family Charlotte!

On Sunday, June 8th we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the family. Yes, she is three months old, but it wasn't the physical family we welcomed her to, but the family of Christ. We are so blessed to have been granted the gift of grace through Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. Becoming a parent has totally changed... Continue Reading →

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