To Short


Yesterday I received some very sad news. A family friend has passed away in car accident. This young man was only a few years older then I. Four short years ago, this family lost their dad, and now a brother. That is far to much sadness for one family.

After Monday’s post, this one is especially hard. Monday I was so excited about sharing a new life. Watching a family grow, watching the blessings bloom, such happiness. Now I watch a family break. I watch a family doing all they can to stay together. It hurts.

So of course, I ask “Why? Why God? Why the hurt and the pain? Why must we wait so long in this life for your greatness?”

I just finished the book The Shack (for the second time). If you only read one more book in your life, make it this one! This book doesn’t talk about religion. This book is a conversation about God’s ultimate love for us all. God is not about hurt. God does not want bad or sad things to happen to any of us. But God did give us free will. We have a choice. God does all he can to heal our hurt. He wants us to live in him and love like him. So much that he gave his son, a whole part of him, to us, for us. It’s a remarkable gift. Greater than any gift I could ever imagine giving. The book also talks about forgiveness. We must forgive in order to live in God’s love. If we are holding on to a hurt or a pain, refusing to let go, we are building a wall between us and the love that could be. It is not possible to hold on to hate and be fully in love at the same time. Learn to forgive, not for them, but for you.

As I watch a family in pain and a family in celebration, I hold mine tight. I hold on to what little time I have with them. Even if we are together for another 80 years, it couldn’t possibly be enough. But I know that in paradise, it will be enough. By the ultimate grace that is God, we will live in his love forever.

Pray for these families. Pray for healing and wholeness. Grace to each of you.

Happy Harvesting,


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