What’s in a Name?

rootsWhat’s in a name?

We’ve all heard that sentence before, but have you ever really taken the time to consider it? Many years ago when I was a youth director, as part of a youth program call “Peer Ministry” we had a discussion about our names and where they come from and what they mean. Names should have meaning. As my husband and I prepared for our first and then second child I wanted their names to be important. What greater gift was I ever going to give my child then their name? It would become who they were and how they were defined. A name is so important.

So why the name “Harvesting Roots”? This name carries many meanings. To start, I am a farmer’s wife, learning to be a farmer myself. I was born and raised in the city and when I got married, moved to my husband’s 80 acre farm in rural Iowa. I am learning all about cows, chickens, crops, tractors, gardening and living off the land. But more then that I am looking for my place in creation, finding my mission, and loving all that God has given me. In the sermon at my wedding, our pastor talked about the strong roots we set. We are rooted in each other, rooted in our families and our lifestyle. We are most importantly rooted in God. As the winds blow, the flood waters flow, the hail and snow are cold and harsh, my roots hold me strong.

Come journey with me and grow in your roots.

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