Chasing Cows

So this morning was a special one. My son had gotten up in the middle of the night and crawled into bed with my husband and I. Thankfully, he is pleasant to sleep with. He snuggles close but isn’t obnoxious and stays with his head on the pillow and feet toward the end of the bed. However, at about 5:45 he decided it was time to get up for the day (I prefer 7:00 a.m. personally…). Today, instead of sleepily making my way to the couch so he can play and I can watch the early news I decided to going and make our breakfast and get going for the day. This was the holy spirit working in me. After I had made my breakfast, my son’s breakfast, got dress, got him dress, woke the baby up, got her dress, packed all of our bags (I packed my lunch last night… again with the spirit…), put the baby in her carseat, put our raincoats on, and had tromped my son out to the van, I was just collecting all the bags and the baby when I happened to look out the window. Now let me set the scene for you. It was raining and the wind was blowing. It had been raining for two days. The wind was going LOTS of miles per hour. Not just a couple, like I was wondering if my roof was still attached blowing. And I look out the window to see cows in the back yard. COWS! There are NOT supposed to be cows in my back yard! We have cows in the pasture and in pens, not in the yard. So I go running outside and mind you I don’t run if the boogy-man is chasing me. I’m grabbing my coat and phone to call my father-in-law. All I manage to get out is “COWS ARE OUT!” He’s on his way over. I make my way to the backyard to see two momma cos and three baby cows out of the pen. Now if these would have been the calm and gentle mommas I could have probably herded them back by myself. But there were the two crazy PSYCHO momma cows. I was still half way across the yard and one was getting ready to charge me. I stopped there. I waited for my father-in-law. He arrived shortly with a bucket of feed and got those crazy ladies in the pen. The babies were another story. They took off across the yard. I was running again…RUNNING! I cornered those little buggers and chased them back. Soon all were safe and sound with their momma, I was soaked, covered in mud, and needed to get to work. Thankfully the kids were still peacefully in their car seats. That called for a stop at the gas station before daycare so my son could get a donut for being so patient with momma and those crazy cows. And I was having a good hair day…

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