New Babies

A few comments before I start my real post…
1. The only thing better then getting a donut for breakfast on Monday, is leaving half of it in your carseat to have for breakfast on Tuesday! Just ask Josiah, he was quite pleased with himself this morning!
2. Today my children (yes, both of them!) thought that 5:15 a.m. was an appropriate time to wake up… my alarm was set for 6:45 a.m., you can understand my ill-feelings towards them at that early hour. This will also explain any crazy words or sentence structure that may appear below. 🙂
3. I’m snacking on some plain popcorn I made just using kernels and a paper bag and sprinkled with ranch… YUM! More on this tomorrow!

So… new babies. Nope, not pregnant! Thank goodness or I’d be going CRAZY FOR SURE! For Valentine’s day in 2013 my husband got me one of the greatest presents ever, chickens! We had a total of 23, mostly hens with two roosters. We love them. But chickens will only give eggs for two, maybe three years. So, to keep our flock up we have incubated eggs. incubator

We had 24 babies last year and are working on our second batch for this year. We have 12 babies that are almost 2 months old. Sorry for not having pictures of them, it’s been raining and I didn’t want to venture out!

But here are some pictures of the little ones just coming out!

eggs2 egg1 chicks2

So far we have 7 little guys are expect more in the next few days. I haven’t learned how to sex them yet, I just go with whatever comes out. We didn’t candle our eggs (using a light to see if the egg is fertilized or not) so I don’t know how many more are coming. I’ll keep you posted! These little guys are mutts. We have a few different breeds but don’t keep them separated so we don’t really know which rooster is the daddy to which chickens. Being that they are used for eggs for our families and friends, and then we butcher then when the time comes, we’re not to worried. We are still learning and growing with our chickens and finding out what works best. We recently had a pipe break and flooded our barn where are chickens were living! Talk about some excitement! You would think that the chickens, when water was covering their feet, would fly up to their roosts that was safe and dry. But no, our chickens are not overly intelligent creatures and just sat in the water until it was over their wings and they were to wet and heavy to fly. Silly birds! We have 15 eggs left, 7 have hatched and 2 were smashed (Josiah found the incubator and thought it looked like fun!) that were not fertilized. Any guesses on how many more chickens we will get??

Happy Harvesting,


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