What Works For Me: Workbag

I’m starting a little thing I’m calling “What Works For Me.” These will be reviews of a variety of items and how I use them in my life. Maybe you’ll find something you can take away from it, maybe not. Either way there will be pictures and fun 🙂

Today I’m revealing my latest obsession… just ask my husband! Petunia Pickle Bottom bags and accessories! LOVE!When I found out I was pregnant with number two I started looking for a new diaper bag. My previous one had fallen apart, and would have been too small. I wanted something for both kiddos and something that would be stylish and classy and not to girly. My wonderful sister-in-law gifted me with a Thirty-One zip top tote that is awesome! But my two little ones would be going to separate day cares for a while so I needed two bags. And I love am obsessed with bags!!

So began the search for the perfect diaper bag. I’ll share more on the search another time. But after discovering PPB, I had to have one for just me! Thus entered the Petunia Pickle Bottom Carryall. I had been reading lots of blogs and reviews of this bag and thought it would be perfect for my needs. However, the brand new bags were a little pricey. But then a wonderful thing happened- OUTLET SALE!! SCORE! I was able to snag the Carryall, a powder room case and shopping tote for a super deal and its in my favorite print, Sleepy Segovia. I thought the accent color was going to be a purplish but its more grey and I’m very happy about that! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!PPB2

So let’s look at what I love about this bag! First is the fabric its made of. It’s called glazed and it’s PVC-free. Its so easy to clean and I’ve heard its very durable. there are two over the shoulder straps that lay down nicely if There are two side pockets for water bottles, baby bottles, or other treasures. On the back are two slim pockets that I stick my keys, appointment cards, and my phone.


This bag is actually a diaper bag, but it’s working great as my work bag. The front has a zipper down flap that comes with a fold out changing pad. It has really strong Velcro to keep it in place, but I have removed it. If the front pockets I can hold my wallet (that does contain my checkbook for width reference), a small pouch that I made that holds mints, a couple pens and a zip drive, and then in the small pocket I keep chap-stick and another pen.PPB3

The main pocket has a zipper that opens completely. I like this! On the inside there are several more pockets to help with organization. I have my large planner, food journal, camera case, sunglasses, powder room case (more on this below), pouch with famine products and shopping tote inside without anything being to squished.


The powder room case is an accessory from PPB as well, made of the same fabric. They are great for large bags to keep small items easily accessible. I’ve also seen many mommas use them for diapers, change of clothes, snacks and toys and power cords. the possibilities are endless! In mine I have mini-med kit with alcohol wipes and band-aids, hair spray, comb, hair ties, mascara, chap-stick, lip gloss, lotion, mouth wash, dress tape, hand sanitizer, a mirror (not pictured), a tweezers and an old contact case that has midol and ibuprofen in it. Its a slick little case that makes switching bags easy. Throw it in the diaper bag, work bag or just in the car and I’m good to go! The bag also had little fabric loops on it that I’ve heard of people putting a wristlet strap on and carrying as a clutch.


Overall, I’m completely smitten with this bag! I just want to walk around town to show it off!

Lastly, this is a picture of my PPB collection, with my diaper bag!PPB7

How do you keep your bags organized?

Happy Harvesting,


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