Got Gas?

Last night I was struggling to decide what I wanted to post about today. Nothing was coming to me! And then on my way to work this morning I had an epiphany. Here’s how it went…

Yesterday, my gas light came on in my car. I’ve had the gas light come on in my car about a billion times in my life time. In high school I knew that I could get to and from school for three days without running out of gas. I’ve never run out of gas…until today!

Literally, the gas light came on yesterday!! Granted, I live in the country and have about 12 miles of driving after getting my kiddos from daycare and getting home. I was certain I’d have enough gas to get to the station this morning. Wrong. I was about a mile from town when the steering wheel started to shake. Then the car started to rumble. And then I started to slow down…way down. I thought, maybe if I slow down I can coast into town. More slowing down. I had to pull over, I wasn’t going to make it.

So, I was on the side of the highway, stranded, with my kids in the back. I called my husband right away. He is a truck driver and is sometimes close to home. Naturally, he didn’t answer. Luckily for me, I have an amazing father-in-law who lives very close to us. I called him to come rescue me. I’ll most likely get teased by him for the rest of my life, but at least help was coming. So now it was just time to wait. Then I smelled something bad. Of course my son took this opportune time to “poopies” in his diaper.

Now a smart thing my husband and I did when we had number two was take one of the bucket seats out of our van.  This way, when I have both kids, one in a carrier, and it’s snowing or raining, I can climb in the back with both kids and get them in their seats.

Back, to the side-of-the-road, I had climbed into the back seat to change my son. I pulled him out of his seat then started gathering my changing supplies. My son loves everything about driving, so he climbed on the front seat to play with the steering wheel.

And that was the exact time that the sheriff showed up!

Watching the sheriff’s face as he walked up to the car with a 20 month old in the front seat was quite entertaining! I opened the back door and thankfully when he saw the diapers in my hand, baby in the carrier and small one in the front seat and I simply said “I ran out of gas” he took pity on me. He told me he’d wait at the top of the hill so no one would hit me (yes, to aid in the matter I was on the down side of a hill)

Soon after, I had the diaper changed, sang a few songs, fed a granola bar, and made only a few faces at the baby, grandpa (my father in law) showed up to save the day! He put some gas in the car. Did you know you need a funnel for this task? And I was on my way…directly to the gas station where I filled my tank to the absolute top!!

I still made it to work on time.

Thank you wonderful father-in-law and kind sheriff for keeping my precious cargo and myself safe and sound!

Have a great weekend y’all

Happy harvesting,


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