I’m Still Here

I’ve been asked lately “Where is your blog?” What an honor to be asked! I’m still here! So I’m working to get a couple of posts ready for the next few days. They will include a family camping trip with an exploration into Aquaponics, a review of a few books I’ve recently read, a family wedding, a fun church event and maybe even some tidbits about the county fair!10361256_10100607414573833_8715942813733735696_n

Bath Time with Cousins


Snuggling with Snuffy and ‘Moo-k’ (Milk- or any drink!)

But for today, it’s just a little update. Charlotte has been busy being extremely cute, laughing at her toys, daddy and brother and ROLLING OVER! I know, I did NOT approve it. I like my chubby-cheeked, immobile munchkin. Roll leads to crawling, crawling to walking and walking to running. And running makes a momma tired 🙂 We’re also preparing to start solid foods with this little lady. We have been preparing to start this next step for a few weeks as Char just can’t seem to get enough food in her belly. She also has started getting up in the middle of the night to eat, which she hasn’t done in months. However, again, this sappy momma just can’t muster the will to jump on the wagon to the next step. Just stay a baby forever! I’ll trade the diapers and complete selfishness that a baby has if they will just stay cuddly and sweet forever! Aw man, I do love her so very much.


Driving Grandpa’s tractor & singing to the radio- that he knows how to turn on and tune and change the volume all on his own!

As for my little man, well he’s almost two. I love the “definition” of boy: noise with dirt on it. This is a perfect explanation of my son. He fills his days playing outside, preferably on ‘dada tack-tor’ or ‘babaa tack-tor’, getting into everything that he shouldn’t be in- favorites being anything in mom’s drawer in the bathroom, anything sharp on the kitchen counter and freshly folded laundry. He also enjoys reeking havoc on his little sister. He loves to bonce on the bed and jump on her head, give her kisses that end in bite marks, and push her on her ‘ba-bee seeeeat’.


Josiah rocking Charlotte in her bouncy chair

He loves his baby sister, he just hasn’t quite figured out the most gentle way to show it. Josiah’s vocabulary grows every day too. My favorite words of late are when he tells him his name is ‘me-na-na’ or tries to be silly by calling his daddy ‘babaa'(grandpa), and coming up with various animal sounds. My favorite is the bug sound, ‘meep-meep-meep’ in a high pitch almost whisper. He also loves to find markers and chew the tips off, eat ‘nacks (fruit snacks), and sing songs. We are continually working on manners and he’s doing a good job getting ‘peas’ (please) and ‘tank-oo’ (thank you) down. Recently, when we sat down for dinner he kept saying ‘tank-oo’. I didn’t understand at first, then realized he wanted to pray! We sing fun song prayers for our dinner grace. We’ve been singing the “Super-man” grace alot recently which goes:
Thank you God for giving us food! Thank you God for giving us food! For the food that we eat and the friends that we meet! Thank you God for giving us food! Amen
This is sung to the Super-man theme song. It also comes with actions. Josiah loves to sing this prayer. He does the actions and claps when we are finished. And then says ‘gain! And we must sing it again and again. He’s such a sweet boy!


Being almost-two and throwing a tantrum! (I’m pretty sure this was because I wouldn’t let him go outside with only one shoe on). And the results of picking berries with Daddy.

And for the rest of us, it’s just another day in paradise. We continue to enjoy the lovely weather and summer spirit.

Happy Harvesting,

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