Reading for Renewal

I recently got a tablet. I had been wanting to change a few things with our phones anyway and they were a good deal. And it turns out, I love alot of things about it.
One of these things is the access to books. I like to read, but often have a hard time carving out time to get to the library to get books. Now I can “check-out” books from our library on my tablet! It’s great! I can get ebooks to read and audiobooks. Double win. And I’ve even figured out how to get my tablet connected to my car to listen to books there too. It makes me so happy. I’ve been looking for books that will help me feel more whole and complete. Books to up lift me and renew my spirit. These are some books that have helped in that journey.


I’ve been listening to audio books at work, instead of the radio. Last week I listened to Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love the movie and watch it often, but had never read the book. And, like most, the book is better then the movie. The book was read by Elizabeth which is something I love. You really get the emotion from the author when they are reading it themselves. This book made me want to travel, to see more of the world. But it also made me very greatful for the family and home I have. In this story, Liz is a bit of a nomad, looking to find love, a home and mostly herself. While I’m still on a journey to find myself, I do have a home and great love. And while I’d LOVE to see Bali, I love my home in Iowa, and will always come back here.


I also read Choosing To SEE by Mary Beth Chapman. Wow is all I can say about this book. I laughed, I cried and I felt connected to someone who’s story so closely mirrors my own. Mary Beth’s journey goes through many uncertainties and obstacles in life, yet her faith remains her strong hold. I once had the honor to see Mary Beth & her husband Steven speak at a women of faith conference. You know how that Holy Spirit gets in your life right when you need it! At that time in my life I wasn’t ready to fully hear her words. At that time, the bug was put in my heart that I wouldn’t understand until now. Now, as I build my own family and struggle to find my calling, her words were perfect to me. I am even more convinced that part of my path will include adding a non-biological child or children to our family. I am certain that God has a plan for me, greater than anything I can imagine. I am so thankful for that sneaky Holy Spirit, who’s work it so great.


Lastly, my most recent completed book is A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen. My mom’s teaching partner gave this book to my mom, who gave it to me (and the rest of my family!). This book is a challenge. A challenge to remove complaining from our lives. Y’all, it ain’t easy! But I’m trying… and will continue to try. It’s a simple premise, if you think it, if you say it, it will be so. If you fill your life with complaints and dwell only on the hardships of life, then you will have only hardships. However, if you choose to look at life as a half-full kind of thing, that’s what will happen. Your glass will always be full! And while I need to continue to work hard to complete this 21-day challenge, my frame of mind is changing. I find myself looking for ways to rephrase my thoughts and feelings, so that if I share them with others, they are not complaints. I can share facts and emotions, but there is no need to share worthless complaints. Think about it… it works! I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE. Take the challenge, thinking about it hard, and it will change your life.  It’s a great one.

I’m currently listening to Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall. It’s the story of Elissa’s life growing up and escaping from the FLDS, a polygamous sect. It’s very interesting and makes me so thankful to be given the life I have. I’m also reading another book by Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed. This one is about marriage. I feel it fitting 🙂

What are you reading?

Happy Harvesting,


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  1. Leah, I really enjoy reading your blogs. I am so pleased that you have found your happy place in this world and know how blessed your life and all lives are. I too love to read and am currently trying to keep up with four book clubs (I obviously have a lot more time on my hands than you) including one that Elle started. As a matter of fact her club is on a fieldtrip right now to Cedar Rapids to hear author Elizabeth Berg speak. Just to let you know, you inspired me to read A Complaint Free World which I have on hold from my e-book library. Keep making and sharing memories!

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