Rain Days & New Trails

Last week I started a new position at the High School as a para. I’m still learning what this all means, but it’s going to be a great adventure! Did you know that they let out school for heat?? That never happened in Wisconsin 🙂 (They also start two weeks earlier here).  Because my back to school pictures weren’t that great, here’s baby Char instead. Doesn’t she look classic-back-to-school in this get up?!


I have been making salads in a jar for lunches and it’s been a big win! I start with my dressing, then protein of chicken & shaved almonds. Then add some Chia seeds, carrots, peas and corn (from the frozen food section!), top it off with some peppers and lettuce. YUM! I was able to make these on Sunday night and because of the layering it stayed nice and fresh. Plus, they are very pretty which makes me happy mid-day!


Lastly, we had a bit of a rainy weekend. So we put on our boots and hats! Yes, I do dress up my kids for my pure enjoyment. And they are cute. And they will hate me some day for it! Parent Win!


Happy Harvesting,


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