Rain Days & New Trails

Last week I started a new position at the High School as a para. I’m still learning what this all means, but it’s going to be a great adventure! Did you know that they let out school for heat?? That never happened in Wisconsin 🙂 (They also start two weeks earlier here).  Because my back to school pictures weren’t that great, here’s baby Char instead. Doesn’t she look classic-back-to-school in this get up?!


I have been making salads in a jar for lunches and it’s been a big win! I start with my dressing, then protein of chicken & shaved almonds. Then add some Chia seeds, carrots, peas and corn (from the frozen food section!), top it off with some peppers and lettuce. YUM! I was able to make these on Sunday night and because of the layering it stayed nice and fresh. Plus, they are very pretty which makes me happy mid-day!


Lastly, we had a bit of a rainy weekend. So we put on our boots and hats! Yes, I do dress up my kids for my pure enjoyment. And they are cute. And they will hate me some day for it! Parent Win!


Happy Harvesting,



One Comment Add yours

  1. Chrissi says:

    Leah I am so excited for you and your new job! Also, those rainy day outfits are adorable!!!!

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