Madison Wedding


This happened quite a while back, but I’m just getting caught up on my writing! Between kids (yes, that is ALWAYS a valid excuse), vacations, ending and starting a new job, and end of summer chores, the writing has been pushed to the back. But hopefully my schedule will even out quickly and I can get back at it!

The first weekend in July my “cousin” got married. I put that in quotes because he’s technically my second cousin. However, he recieved a master’s degree from my hometown, and during his time there be because the brother I never wanted! Haha! But I do love him very much and was SO excited to share this very special day with him and his beautiful bride!

The wedding was in Madison. The ceremony was at a beautiful church and the reception was at the Union! I’d never been to the Union before and it was awesome. I definitely understand why everyone loves it so! For those that don’t know, its a building filled with culture and history. It feels like each room was created individually with a totally different feel and vibe to each space. It is also on a lake with a large patio and multiple balconies overlooking the water.

Our smallest ones weren’t invited to the wedding, so my very bestest friend (since we were less than one!) came from Milwaukee to watch them. It was such fun for all of us. And such a HUGE gift!! She took the kids to the zoo and had ice cream and played and played. When our night was over, we all crashed in our hotel room together and ordered late night pizza.


Thank you Aunt Katie for caring for our littlest ones. Congrats again Eric & Ashley! May you have a lifetime of happiness!!

Happy Harvesting,


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