Hair Bows & Football Games

wpid-img_20140830_092052457.jpg Last night my family tried to go to the first home high school football game of the season! We made it through the national anthem and halfway through the high school fight song before lighting was spotted and the game was delayed. I was glad we went early, as we still got to see many friends, old and new.
Josiah LOVED it all! He got to see his favorite “girls” (babysitters). He was also enthralled with everything about the game. His hands were probably getting sore, as he clapped and clapped while the players were announced. He danced with the cheerleaders, and ate popcorn! I look forward to taking him to a full game as I think he will really enjoy the football part too!

wpid-img_20140830_092035319.jpgOur school colors are orange and black. As I was looking for spirit wear for myself and Charlotte I came up lacking. I had a black plain tee shirt, and she had nothing! So I decided to make us some matching hair bows! It was all I had on hand for orange stuff!
I did a little embroidery on the edge of a thicker ribbon with my sewing machine. Then folded it in a simple tri-fold and hand stitched it together. Lastly I used a little black ribbon to finish the look.
For Charlotte’s, I sewed the bow unto a piece of elastic to make a headband. For myself, I sewed the bow onto a barrette.
I think they turned out petty cute for a total of about 20 min!


Although out night didn’t go as planned, we ended it with family snuggles and a movie in Mom & Dad’s bed. I love these people!!


Happy Harvesting,

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