A Christmas Letter

Due to holiday planning, parties, a new job and illness, our family Christmas card didn’t get printed this year. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it sent out! Then my genius cousin-in-law’s card came with a note to read their card on her blog! I thought, well duh!! So here it is!!!


2014 was another year full of excitement and changes for the Stammeyer household. While the list of blessing is countless, here are the top ten!
10. Ross, Babaa Joe and Josiah fixed up the old tractor. Josiah thinks tractors are the greatest thing ever.
9. Our newest fur-baby, Pippa joined the family. She’s a beautiful filly with a feisty zest for life.
8. A weekend get away with Waukon friends was great fun. We enjoyed beautiful scenery, cozy cabins, and wonderful company! (And s’mores!)
7. A new pop-up camper allowed for camping adventures. Along with the annual Bemis campout we ventured to Ames, Iowa for family camping.
6. Ross and Leah took on a date night challenge, spending quality time together and seeking new experiences! This included cave exploration, seeing a play and painting pottery
5. Ross continues to move up in his company, Holden, Inc. He loves his pigs and works hard to provide for his family.
4. Spending a week at the lake with the Bemis family was a great time for all! The kids love the water and all the time with Nana and Grandpa Bemo
3. Celebrating Josiah’s second birthday in September was great fun. He is all two, all boy and all smile. Playing with his grandparents and riding the tractor are his favorite things!
2. Leah start a new job at the end of the year as Community Life Coordinator at Green Lea Manor in Mabel, Minnesota. She is very excited about this new adventure and chance to use her talents.
1. The absolute best part of our year happened at 1:15 p.m. on March 7, 2014. Charlotte Bemis Stammeyer joined the world!!! She had blessed us beyond our wildest dreams and we couldn’t love her more! She is growing much to fast and is eager to catch up with her big brother!
Please come see us on the farm and have a wonderful holiday season!
Love and Peace,
Leah, Ross, Josiah and Charlotte

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