Changing Times

Well folks, I’m sure you can see it’s been awhile since my last post. And by “awhile” I mean a year. Lots has happened. To start, the major reason why I haven’t written is due to a new job. It’s full-time and a 40 min commute, so that means the time I’m home I’m spending with my family or trying to keep up on house work, which isn’t going so well. Another reason is that I haven’t felt real great is about the last nine months… that’s because I’m about to have a baby. Yes, another one! I’m not quite sure what we were thinking, but we’re excited to add a fifth little Stammeyer to our crew on December 11th, unless baby decides to come before that. Lastly, I haven’t written because I write as a form of therapy and really, life has been going pretty good. But I miss it. I miss this outlet and opportunity to get my creative juices flowing. So I’m working at getting back in the game. So let’s see what can I write about today that would be super interesting… I got nothing. I’ll just give you a little family update.

Starting at the top: The husband. He’s still here. He hasn’t left me, even though I’m a monster of a pregnant lady. He keeps our family going, no matter what. He’s wonderful. The end. (That’s all you REALLY wanted to know anyway…)


Josiah: He’s three now. And, yes, he is COMPLETELY TERRIBLE. Everything you’ve heard of about three year old boys, he’s got it. But, he’s also completely wonderful. Just about the time I’m ready to trade him in for a goat, he comes through with something perfect to renew my faith in motherhood and all that it takes to be a parent. Last night he wanted to snuggle with mom, so we crawled in my bed, just the two of us and talked. We chatted about the pictures on the wall and where the new baby is going to sleep, and giggled, and cuddled up until we fell asleep. Talk about the perfect ending to any type of day. Of course this was after the morning in which he covered the living room floor with water… but we’re going to move past that. This boy continues to love everything about his daddy, his grandparents, his farm and his tractor. He even occasionally likes his sister.


Charlotte: This little lady is quite the character. I often refer to her as “Stink Pot” a name that I find completely fitting. She is as sweet as pie as long as life is going her way. She is a total diva if it’s not. She too, lives in her daddy’s shadow and loves everything about farm life. Dirt don’t bother her none 😉 She also has quite the girly side and loves a good piece of jewelry, dressing up and carrying her purse around. She loves to laugh and make others laugh with her. She also has some mean dance moves. And, she LOVES her “Lee-lees” or Kitties to the rest of the world. She loves them so much she might make their eyeballs pop out. Funny little girl.


B3: My best friend has nicknamed our baby-to-be “B3” as we did not find out the gender nor have we revealed any names. But this little nugget is scheduled (C-section planned) to join the world on December 11th. This little one, like it’s siblings before, has given momma a run for her money. Along with A LOT of morning (or all day) sickness through month 7, I’ve also been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Talk about the most un-fun thing I can think of. To sum up the experience of GD here’s what I got: I eat chicken and carrot sticks and at 8 months pregnant am losing weight. Don’t worry, the doctors have been watching closely and this is actually a good thing. Baby is growing and thriving as it should. And to be honest… this Momma has more then a few pounds extra to spare. So now is the time of preparation. I’ve decided that no one is every fully ready for a baby to come into their lives. However, I’m preparing what I can. I have my help lined up and my hospital bag packed… well, mostly. 35 days folks. It’s gunna fly.

B3 at 34 weeks, Charlotte at 33 weeks and Josiah at 35 weeks.

Me: And as for myself, I’m working on maintaining. I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. I continue to try to find balance between all the areas of my life. I love my family and I’m greatly blessed.

So there ya go! A quick update! Hopefully lots more to come. I have crafts, products, recipes and funny kid stories to share soon. Thanks for sticking with me during this dry season.

Happy Harvesting,


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  1. I’m so happy to see you’re posting again Leah. I know how much you get out of writing things down and sharing with the world your joys and at them challenges. Definitely know that life has blessed you so much lately, and like you said things have been wonderful for you over the past year- but it’s still great to see you’re writing to help continue that inner happiness. Also, who ever came up with the name B3 is such a genius. Such a cleaver name for the third baby. 💜love you and all your babies!!!

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