My Village People

A couple days ago I wrote about my struggles with postpartum depression and the triumphs I have over coming it. Today, I have to share my true key, my secret remedy, my magic potion for dealing with postpartum and quite frankly all depression.
My village people, y’all!
I have an amazing group of people who support me. I must take some time to say thank you to each and everyone of them!

Daddy loving up his babies

If you read my posts, you probably can guess who is my number one rock for keeping me grounded and growing. My husband. He is truly amazing and the perfect match fore. While life has thrown us a few curve balls, especially recently, he never gives up on us. His never-ending work ethic and great commitment to his family, have saved me more than once. He stays positive when I cannot. He provides when I cannot. He loves when I cannot. He is the glue to all my crazy pieces.

Nana loving up our littlest squish!

Another person who I could not be without, my mother. My children made me a mother, my mom made me a mom. She taught me about life. She taught me what it means to be a mom. She is the most self-less person I know. She gives everything. When each of my children were born, she camr to stay with us for a week. These were some of the best times I’ve had as a parent. I will never be able to repay all that she did during those times. She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, gave me time to nap. She took my big kids on special outings and spoiled us all. She never judges (or at least not out loud!). She is encouraging. She is faith-filled and brings God into our home. She’s my favorite!
There is also my sister (and her awesome daughter), who drops everything to come and be with me. While pregnant, there were several times when she would drive an hour to my house after work just to make me dinner and give me a mental break.
I have several friends who have come to spend time with us. One of these amazing people even stayed at our house over night when I got the flu!! Who does that?? Purely AMAZING people!
I need my friends far away too. Every new mom needs to get a couple friends that live halfway around the world. Why? Because they are awake in the middle of the night when the feedings and the fussing gets to be too much. Their texts messages that are full of support, laughter and love mean the world to me. One of my good friends in Germany even walked me through labor. She’s a mom of two and I wasn’t exactly sure about what was happening. She told me what was up and when I needed to wake up my husband and call my mom! Awesome.
Lastly, my therapist. I love her. Sometimes I wish we could be friends, but I don’t want that because I need her as my professional sounding board. It took me many years to find a therapist I was comfortable with. But now that I have, she is a critical and crucial part to my well being. Go get a counselor!!

My babies bring so much light into my life. But we all need a safety net. We need a shoulder and encouragement. Let them in. Too often we try to close down. We want to appear strong and “with-it”. But we cannot do it alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’m so sure that there are always people around you who would be happy to lend a hand, but they don’t want to impose. Just ask! If they say ” no, I can’t ” you are no worse off.
Thank you to again, to each and everyone of you. I promise to repay and pay-forward. I will give great love to the next Momma.
Love a Momma near you, they need it. They give unending. They love so hard. They need to be reminded how beautiful, strong and greatly needed they are!!
Happy Harvesting,

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  1. Always Love your posts Leah. This one was really special. It’s so beautiful to see all the meaningful supports in your life and how they influence and shape(d) you into the mama you are today 🙂 wish I was just closer to witness this more!!!!!

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