3 under 3 for 3

Beautiful photo of Northeast Iowa by Von Collins. Check her out on Facebook, she's amazing!

Many of you know I recently quit my full time job to be home with my family more. It had been a HUGE blessing for me and my family! I’m loving what we have going on these days.
So I thought I’d give you a little family update and advice on a couple things I’ve learned so far.
We are three months into bring a family with three kids, ages 3.5, 2 and 3 months. It is crazy around here! Here are my top five tips!
1. You’re doctor and their nurses are your new best friends. You will spend just as much time with them as anyone else in your life. In the last two weeks, BOTH Josiah and Charlotte have had stitches… Seriously, BOTH!!

Josiah got 3 stitches and Charlotte got 5!

2. Simplify the socks. My genius mother told me to get two kinds of socks, black and white. Other than that, everyone wears the same type! The laundry is NEVER ending. Do anything and everything you can to make it easier.

The worst thing about motherhood

3. Make peace with the mess. If you come to my house, there will be toys, dirty clothes and a huge variety of crumbs on the floor. But you’ll also (hopefully) find happy kids. But I’m not worry about the mess. I haven’t had enough sleep for that.

This was what I found under my couch after four days... 4!

4. Group showers are a must. Sorry if this is to much information… But the only way to get my kids clean and not COMPLETELY destroy my bathroom is if we all get in together. So much easier!
5. Continually, never ever stop thanking, supporting and loving your husband (or spouse, significant other or best support system). There is a zero percent chance that I could be doing all I am, while being as happy as I am without my husband. Be husband and wife together first, before you’re mom and dad together. Just like caring for my kids is not a choice, neither is caring for my husband. He’s my number one priority.

Date night with my man!!!

Happy Harvesting,

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