She Yelled At My Child

Recently I had a friend visit us at our home. Josiah was being his typical, three year old, misbehaving self. I had disciplined him several times already during their visit. I was getting tired. So the next time Josiah misbehaved and didn’t listen, my friend yelled him. Not a big, forceful yell, but definitely enough to get his attention.
And I could not have been more thankful.
Parenting is full a challenges. Kids need boundaries and discipline. They need consequence and rewards for their actions, big and small. And it’s constant. Never ending. All day, and sometimes, all night. Being a parent is the most rewarding experience of my life. And the most exhausting.
There are times when I think, “Do I ignore the behavior so I don’t have to deal with consequences or do I give empty threats?” My patience runs out and so does my motivation. Those are the times I need my village.

Snack time with cousin Ellie

I love my friends and family who aren’t afraid to step in and say what I can’t at that moment. It is such a burden lifted.
I love that these same people also take my children to do special things so I can get a nap in. I love that they don’t judge my dirty dishes, unswept floor or third-day-hair.

Fun in the spring sun

Being surrounded by people who love me as I am allows me to be the best mother, wife and friend possible.

Starting to feel the effects of the morphine. She didn't want to rest at all! She's a tough cookie!

Today, at church, Charlotte took a bad spill that resulted in five stitches. As my husband, Ross, and I rushed to scoop her up and attend to her, I was able to fully rely on my church family for help. Someone grabbed Josiah, another attended to Eli. Ross took Charlotte to the hospital and I stayed at church with the boys. After church friends brought the boys and myself to the hospital and stayed with us until Charlotte was ready to go home. What a beautiful blessing. We have family in the area, but having a family of friends is such a great gift. I was able to completely lean on these people in my moment of need, and knew they would support me in all that they could. I also know I would return the favor in a heartbeat.
We need relationships that complete us. Relationships that make us strong. Relationships that make us better and want to be better.
Thank to my friends who strengthen my weak spots and assist in my time of need.
Thank you for yelling at my kids, and loving them so greatly. My kids are going to be great people because of you!

Happy little guy

"I'm stacking hay bales Momma!"
Such a talented kite flier, or not! She just wanted to walk around with the string

Happy Harvesting,

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