Be Bold

Today was an…interesting day. I use that term loosely. I went to bed last night filled with anxiety. (Let’s be honest, that whole time change has NOT gone over well and I wasn’t going to make it until the eleventh hour!) As I awoke, I laid in bed with my eyes shut, willing my phone to say what I had been hoping for. I had set my phone up so as soon as I turned it on I would see “the results.” I took a deep breath, flick on the phone and… my heart sank. Not what I was hoping for. Not what so many that I love and care for were hoping to see. Not what most of America was hoping to see… I still don’t understand how the electoral college is still a thing. As I wandered out of bed, my head already spinning, I started to pray. Praying for guidance. Guidance not just myself, my family and my community, but for our next President as well. Never before have I prayed so immediately and strongly for our President. And I realized, that’s not good. This man is our next leader, why WOULDN’T I pray for him?! While the election result was not what I had wanted, now was the time to pray for this man and all those he works with. No matter who you voted for, we are all still Americans, working toward our own American dreams. I am still a #ProudAmerican and I will continue to work towards LOVE. Because no matter who is the leader, HE is in charge.

I had such a wonderful day. I’m going to treasure and remember THAT today.

My kids and I were able to meet my husband out to lunch to one of my favorite spots in town. Then my wee three and I went to the park to soak up the beautiful weather and sunshine. For dinner tonight we made a fire, got in our jammies, roasted hotdogs, had hot chocolate and snuggled under blankets while singing songs until the small ones started to fall asleep. Perfection. Not often, in Northeast Iowa do you get to spend most of the day outside on November ninth without 17 layers of clothes on! I held my kids lots today. I gave them extra kisses and squeezes. I loved them up. I held my husbands hand. I made memories to last a life time. Memories I will cling to, no matter how great or hard life gets.

One of the songs I sang for my kids is one I learned at Bible camp that seemed very fitting for this day. It is also exactly what I want to share with, teach and grow into with my family.

Be Bold. Be Strong.

For the Lord, thy God is with thee.

Be Bold. Be Strong

For the Lord, thy God is with thee.

Be not afraid. Be not dismayed.

Walk in Faith and Victory.

For the Lord, thy God is with thee.

Be Bold y’all. Happy Harvesting,


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