I am blessed.
I am blessed to raise my kids in a place where fresh air, clean water and green grass are bountiful.
I am blessed to put my children to sleep in warm beds with full bellies, and lots of kisses from their mom and dad.
I’m blessed to live in a town that is truly the definition of community. Where I know my neighbors. Where the waitress, owner, employee and attendant are friends. Where I am called by name and respected.
I’m blessed to live where I am protected and honored as a woman, mother, and human being.wp-image-743032213jpg.jpg
I am blessed to be surrounded by love, beauty and kindness.
Today, the horrors and terrors of the world got a little closer. My beautiful state felt the hurt that too many feel too often. Two of those who devoted their lives to protect ours, gave them.


It’s not ok. It is NOT ok. What is happening? Why have we come to accept that lives are exchangeable? Difference are allowed to divide? Illness are defined by a book and not by the care needed? Name calling is a norm and negative attitudes are common place. Why are we living like this?

Some days I want to board up my windows, drop off the grid and bury my family in a hole. I don’t want to raise my children in a world filled with so much hate, anger or pain. But I can’t do that. I won’t do that. I will be the world I want to see. I will teach my children to care, to respect, to always show love.

I will do more. I won’t stop at my family. My doors will be open to my neighbor, to my community, to the world. I will give, support and care for. I will be the change I want to see in the world.

I will not be shut down. I will not be forgotten. I will be closed off.

The world needs more. More kindness. More faith. More love.

Life is a gift and I want to treasure it.
I am blessed to be an Iowan. I am proud to be an Iowan. I am Iowa strong.

Friends, let us, together, dig deeper. Let us do better, be better. Don’t get swept up in the bad of the world and instead be the good. God is good all the time.

Happy Harvesting,


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