Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken


Ok y’all, a while back I found this recipe for Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken. My husband is a big fan of rotisserie chicken. If he’s in charge of supper we will have one of 4 things; eggs and bacon, cereal, Chinese take out, or rotisserie chicken from the deli. Luckily, these are all things I like so it works. But anyway… I thought if I could MAKE the chicken that might be a win for all parties!

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It wasn’t. I’m just going to come out and say it… this was a fail for me. Now I’m not going to blame this recipe, it very much could be user error. But for me,the next time I want rotisserie chicken, I’m going to go to the deli and buy it. End of story.

It was a hot mess from the very beginning… here is how it went.

First, did you know it takes 12989347824 days for a frozen chicken to thaw!?!? That might be a slight over exaggeration, but not much. I had the 6 pound chicken in the refrigerator for two and a half days and then set it out for half a day. IT WAS STILL FROZEN! I had to run cool water over the dumb bird to finish the thawing process and get the gross innards out. Once the bird was thawed I looked it over. This chicken that I had bought at the store was COVERED with PIN FEATHERS. I thought it was going to fly away! I had to go over the entire thing pulling out these little feathers. I don’t remember the brand of bird I had purchased, but I won’t be buying it again.

So, FINALLY I was ready to prep the bird… an hour and a half later then I had intended! The recipe instructs to make a seasoning rub, then mix a little of the rub with butter to put under the skin. Can someone please inform me as to which end you are supposed to start with the under the skin thing?? Because I’m pretty sure I did bad things to that bird that are not safe to share. Anyway, I put the butter mix on. Finally I put the remaining rub on the chicken. There was like SIX CUPS of seasoning left (again with the over exaggeration). I was caking the stuff on the chicken.It was ALOT of seasoning. I then put the chicken into the Crockpot, on top of foil balls and a can of beer. I let the chicken cook for the time instructed.

When the chicken was finished the skin had split (probably due to being mutilated) and the seasoning was THICK. It was intense and too spicy to eat. PLUS, it was too late in the night to eat.We had made something else for supper because I got the chicken in the Crockpot so late in the day. Ugh.

When we went to eat it the next day, it tasted fine (with the skin removed). Nothing special and not like rotisserie chicken. Overall, it was a flop and not one I’ll be repeating.


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In other news… I’ve started a group on Facebook for a 7 Day Sugar Free Challenge. We started on Sunday, but you can still get in on it for 5 days! I’m sharing hints, tips, tricks and recipes (that turn out!) We’d love to have you!! Even if you aren’t ready to commit to being Sugar Free but want to just follow along and make a couple healthy changes in your life! All are welcome!!



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