Fresh Seasons

The snow is melting and the ground is coming back to life. It’s one of my most favorite smells.
I’ve been quiet on the blog as we’ve been in the thick of living. Uncovering a new normal as the world navigates a pandemic. Finding a balance between safety and sanity. Projects to bring peace, happiness and organization to our home. Jobs that continue to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Appointments, surgeries, practices, and lessons. New furry family members. Saying good-bye to a pillar in our lives.
And with each up and down, mountain top and valley low, the world continues to turn.

The Stammeyer Farmstead continues to see many changes, inside and out. Ross recently asked me what we would do when we finally finish two major projects we have in the works. I laughed and replied, “I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask that,” for the list is never ending. However, these should be the last MAJOR things for a good amount of time. At this very moment Ross is working diligently to finish our basement remodel. To date we have stripped most of the basement down to the studs, drywalled, painted, put in new trim, refinished the floor, installed an egress window, new lights, toilet and shower. Still to do is install a wall to separate the space, build a bathroom vanity, install the sink and finish the stairwell. It’s getting close. (Just so we’re clear, I use the term “we” loosely. I helped do a little sanding and painted the walls. Ross has done everything else. I have yet to come up with a crazy idea that he can’t conquer.) When this project it done, we will move the master bedroom to the basement where there will be a full bathroom (only the second bathroom for our house… much needed for a family of 5!) along with a living room and office nook. This will allow us to move the kids around and regain a guest room. There will be PLENTY of sleeping spaces so you are expected to come visit.

Today we are celebrating the Golden Birthday of our Golden Girl- Charlotte. I think 7 is going to be a good year for her. She has been completely overloaded with dolls, including a GIANT Barbie house, a new look-a-like doll and accessories that I will be stepping on and sweeping up for decades to come. Yesterday she was pampered with lunch out and pedicures with her two cousins, Sutton and Ellie. They very much enjoyed “Girls Day!” My children are absolutely wound up balls of energy and drive me to my limits more often then I care to admit. But watching them love life makes it worth it. Anything I can do to get their eyes to twinkle and squeal of delight, I’m here for.

As those who follow us on facebook already know, we have recently entered another season. Spring is happy. Birthdays are happy. But lose is not. A month ago we lost Ross’s father, our Grandpa Joe. We knew it was coming and yet still happened very quickly. Joe left the world in the exact way he wanted, without need of hospitals or doctors or suffering. But that doesn’t mean we grieve any less. I never had the honor to meet Ross’s mom, she passed a few month before we met. So all I’ve known as the head of the Stammeyer family has been Joe. The man I met was day old bread. Crusty on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside. I say this with great admiration. He wasn’t one to gush over affection, he showed his love in different ways. If he was giving you a hard time, that meant he liked you. He would often shake his head at my ideas, but as long as he wasn’t frowning I knew he was entertained. He always showed up at the most inconvenient times, like 3 minutes after I stepped into the shower. He used to come for daily check-ins. I miss those, as annoying as they sometimes were. I miss watching soaps and chick-flicks with him. I miss him giving candy to my kids as I was cooking their meal. I miss him laughing at Ross for letting the cows out. Joe saved me so many times. Once I locked my keys in the car and another time Ross took all the keys to work with him. Joe was there to bring me a car to use. When I ran out of gas on the highway, Joe went to town and got me going again. A calf was born in a snow pile and wasn’t doing well. Joe and I got that calf onto the four wheeler then into the garage where he made sure it took a bottle. Joe came hustling in one morning telling me to get into his truck. We sat in our driveway together, watching a foal be born. Joe brought my kids kittens on several occasions, because kids need cats apparently. Joe always bought me a cheesecake for my birthday, that I never shared with anyone, because it’s my FAVORITE. Joe bought me chicken figurines and crocks from auctions because he knew I liked them. Joe gave us our house, our farm, our home. Joe saved me in other ways that he probably never even knew. When I was at a very, very low point, I knew Joe would show up to check in. I knew I could count on him to be present in the moments I was lost. He also gave me the greatest gift of my life, my husband, who gave me my children. Life without him is not going to be as bright.

Dancing on my wedding day. A treasured memory.

The world continues to turn. Spring is here. Life starts anew in a fresh season.
Happy Harvesting,

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