The Year Was 2017

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and it is time again for the annual Christmas Letter Blog. Wow, time sure does fly when you’re having fun, or at least when you have three small people running around like crazy. Haha

So let’s update, we’ll go youngest to oldest!

Eli Peter, age 2. Favorites: Grandpa Joe, Grandpa Bemo, Nana, Daddy, going on four wheeler rides, drinking milk and eating granola bars, torturing his siblings and testing his parents in every way shape and form. He has a nickname of “Naughty Baby” which he will gladly call you. His words are limited, but he doesn’t have much need for them yet, he’s quite effective in getting what he wants. He’s a great climber and discoverer and a complete menace. He has a look that constantly says, “And are you going to stop me??” an energy that never stops and an unshakable love for life. This kid gives the BEST hugs, will stop mid-play to give a snuggle and always wants to laugh. He is our favorite little baby!

Charlotte Bemis, age 3. Favorites: Girl dates with mom, playing dress up and dollies, going out to Mexican with friends, wearing makeup and getting her hair done, cutting her own hair, swimming, snuggling and reading books. A highlight of Char’s year was spending her birthday on a girls trip to Janesville to go see the Fireside production of “Beauty and the Beast,” her favorite! Charlotte is everything “girly,” smart, strong and intelligent. She loves to care for others, play games and dance. She enjoys going to daycare with all her friends and visiting lots of friends and family throughout the year. She is our favorite girl!

Josiah Ross, age 5. Favorites: Working on the farm with Grandpa Joe, caring for the plants with Grandpa Bemo, going swimming with Nana, playing farm toys with his friends, waking up EXTRA early to watch movies and have breakfast with his daddy, becoming more independent every day. This was a big year for Josiah as he started Bright Beginnings-4 year old preschool. He has been going to school 4 days a week and will be going 5 days a week after the winter break, full days. He pretty much likes school, but it has been a big adjustment for him. He rides the bus and after three months, finally eats most of his lunches at school (mom was very pleased with this!) He has liked making new friends and always enjoys playing on the playground. We love his teacher and know he is learning lots and being well cared for. He was very excited for this 10 day break as he is quite a homebody and enjoys his family as much as we enjoy him! He’s our favorite big guy!

Leah, age 30. Favorites: sleeping in (haha), cooking, writing when I can fit it in, crafting, going on trips to see family and friends, watching my children grow. This year I had made my new years resolution to be more intentional with my time. This included taking my kids on several trips this summer to go camping and visit friends, working on my personal health, and finding purpose in various activities. I continue to work at TASC, inc., an organization working with adults with disabilities. I’m very excited to share that I just accepted a new position within the organization that I will be starting in the new year, working at “the center.” I’m so excited to share more of my skills while having a great schedule for my family. I’ve found a purpose and a passion in my work which is truly a huge blessing. I also turned the big 3-0 this year, celebrating the day purchasing a new bull… talk about a good time.

Ross, age 30-something… Favorites: Bacon, farming, farming with his kids, finishing projects for his wife (hahaha), golfing, farming. Ross worked on a MAJOR house project for most of the year. He installed new windows and doors through the whole house, put on new siding and build a beautiful new deck. He still has a bit of finishing work to do, but it is amazing so far and I’m so proud of all the time he had put into this project. A big thanks to both of our dad’s too for all their efforts to help us through. I’m so excited to make lots of new memories on this fun outdoor space. Highlights of Ross’s year included driving a race car in Las Vegas, various super hero movies and a new-to-him skidloader, he loves it… possibly more then me. hehe

Ross and I enjoyed a honeymoon trip in February, just before our 5th anniversary! We took a week-long trip to Las Vegas. It was amazing. Ross got to drive a real race car on a nascar track, we went to Zumanity, and ate LOTS of great food! We had such a fun time exploring and seeing new things and just spending quality time together. We did the math and realized it was the most undivided time we had EVER spent together, just the two of us! And we came back still married, so that’s a good thing! Thank you to Nana for watching our three little gems (she said we can’t go again until they are all in school!) It was time we will remember forever!

Our year was filled with all kinds of great memories including a new nephew, an official new niece, purchasing our farm and all the ups and downs that go with it- selling cow you didn’t plan to sell, buying tractors you didn’t plan to buy, family weddings and graduations, celebrated Bemo’s retirement, raising calves and puppies, trips to the water park, summer nights with friends, a new tradition of a before-school-starts trip, visits to the ER for naughty roosters and dangerous mandolin slicers. We dressed up as dragons, watched “Game of Thrones” and “Beauty and the Beast” and “How to Train Your Dragon.”  We went to the park, ate ice cream, and rode the tractor. We laughed and cried and struggled and celebrated and loved deeply.

Yet again, I am reminded how greatly blessed I am, through the havoc, chaos and exhaustion that this life encompasses, there is no better life for me. Since becoming a mom, this season of Christmas means so much more to me. I think of Mary, welcoming her precious child in that lowly stable, no place for a bed. God giving his own son so that I may have this glorious life. It’s amazing and I am thankful.

Thank you to all who visited us this year, and know you are always welcome!

Merry Christmas and Happy Harvesting,



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