Nostalgia. Google dictionary tells me it means; “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” I’m not sure if it is because it’s prom weekend for our local high school or because I had some crazy dreams this week involving people from my past, but I’ve been thinking back to my high school and college days quite a bit recently. A Luke Bryan song, “Most People Are Good” written by David Frasier, Ed Hill, and Josh Kear say “I believe that youth is spent well on the young, ‘Cause wisdom in your teens would be a lot less fun.” It’s such a true statement! Too often I find myself looking back at mistakes, mess ups and the poor choices of my past. Things I did that were wrong and stupid. It’s easy to get on that slippery slope. I started thinking about if I could relive my life, what one thing would I absolutely change and what one thing would I absolutely keep the same. Lots of memories started to flood my brain on both sides.

The thing I would keep the same was an easy one. I’d keep my husband and our relationship. Short back story, I tried to break things off with him after date 1.5. I said, “Let’s be friends.” He said, “Let’s not.” A couple days later I came to my senses and asked him if we could try again. We never looked back and that was by far the best choice I have ever made.

But what would I do differently. There were lots of ideas, then I started to relive the sequence of my life. Without each and every experience, my life could and would have been drastically different. I needed each relationship, break up, late night and early morning to bring me to this exact spot. An example is that I thought we should have waited longer to have children. But without my children, my best friends in our town would not have come into our lives and I simply can’t do life without them now! If I would have stayed in school the first time I went to college, I would have missed some amazing friendships. If I would have focused on just one sport or extra-curricular I wouldn’t have the same frame of reference that allows me to relate to so many more people.

I needed each step I took. If it was on the path, off the path, sideways or backwards. Each was significant in leading me to this present place. I need my past to remind me of the beauty of life. Both the failings and successes. I love the quote by Dr. Suess, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

So for those of you in my past, thank you for the memories. Thank you for the laughs, tears, heartache, and celebrations.

And you are welcome for this trip down memory lane of high school dance memories.

This first picture is my sophomore prom. It was my least favorite dress, but favorite dress memory. I was asked to prom on Monday when the event was on Saturday. A group of friends was going together and I wanted in on the fun. However, it was a busy week filled with school, track and all kinds of other things. I had no time to go dress shopping. So each night I would get home and my mom had gone out collecting all the things I needed. She came home with several secondhand dresses looking for anything that was close enough. I picked this one. My mom pulled off all the stops to get me a great first prom experience. The second picture is from my junior prom, my favorite dress and best group of friends. Again, my mom came through and hosted a very fun dinner for the whole group to help us all save money and still create great memories. The last picture is my senior prom (with a friend from elementary school). I did love that dress but it was also the most fun prom because I decided to stop caring about what anyone thought. I spent the night dancing and making memories with friends and my sister who also attended the prom! Overall, I have great memories of these special nights that I will treasure forever. Thanks again mom for all you did to give us the best!

Happy Harvesting,

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