Comin’ Atcha!

Some people hate New Year’s Resolutions. Some people love them. I used to be the first but have become the second. I LOVE a good resolution!

My new work space. Ready to take on the world!

I’ve learned that I am a person who likes a set date to start a fresh page, a clean slate. Several years ago I started developing resolutions and have done a decent job of sticking to it. This year I have set bigger and more tenacious goals. My kids are more independent. My health and mental state are in a better place. I’m ready to do some dirty work and dive deep into a better life for me! Each year I pick a word to focus on for the year. This year’s word is CONNECTION. I’ve struggled with finding “balance” for several years. The word “balance” became something that I was waiting to happen to me. I want to be intentional with my time and my choices. So CONNECTION is all about making the time and space for what I value and following through with those intentions. Not waiting for life to happen to me, but rather taking the bull by the horns.

So here’s what I’m bringing to the table in 2020…

I have two sets of goals, family goals and personal goals. Family goals are things I want to accomplish as our herd of 5. My life is centered in them. There for my time with them should be purposeful. Now, don’t get me wrong. I fall in the rut and I get into routine. Thus why I need goals. Each month I have chosen a house/family project, a date for Ross & I, a family activity, and a kid date where either Ross or I will take one kid on a special outing just the two of us. For my personal goals I want to blog more (TA-DA!), save money, manage my time better and lose 45 pounds.

All of this sounds well and good, but the HOW of it all is critical. HOW will I make this happen, HOW will I stick to it? Don’t worry, I have a plan!

First, family goals. We set the date! As a family we went through and picked all the projects, dates and activities for the whole year. The kids had fun choosing what special activities they wanted to do with each parent and what we would do as a family. We also kept it real- no project in November or December because that wasn’t going to happen. We also made sure to be aware of $$$. I’m excited to share more of what we do throughout the year!

As for my personal goals, I got detailed. For blog writing, I planned out the whole year of topics so I don’t have the excuse of “I don’t know what to write about.” With saving money I found a plan that will work well for me and get me to my goal amount. For my time I devised a plan to be able to check my planner with greater ease. And to achieve my weight lose I have amped up my eating plan and continue to hit  my exercise goals.

I feel these goals are simple for me. They aren’t major change. They are minor adjustments to bring greater joy, happiness, ease and comfort to my life.

Are you a Resolution-er?? What are your plans for 2020?

Happy Harvesting,


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