Comin’ Atcha!

Some people hate New Year's Resolutions. Some people love them. I used to be the first but have become the second. I LOVE a good resolution! I've learned that I am a person who likes a set date to start a fresh page, a clean slate. Several years ago I started developing resolutions and have... Continue Reading →

A future in Aquaponics

Yesterday I shared a bit of my past life journey with you. Today, its about the future and moving forward!Currently, my husband works full time driving semi for a hog company. He's home every night and enjoys his work enough, but it's not his ultimate goal. I currently work part time and am home with... Continue Reading →

His Will Be Done

The other day as I perused through my facebook feed I noticed someone had liked a post that looked interesting. I don't know who liked the post or how it came across my feed, but I'm pretty sure it was the Holy Spirit. That Spirit is a tricky little guy and I couldn't love it... Continue Reading →

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