Family Faves- Sweets & Treats

I’m running on a bit of a theme here… Things my family loves! Because we are often creatures of habit, sometimes we forget to think outside of the box and try new things. Thus, maybe this post with spark something new for you and yours! Please share your ideas too! I’d love to know what YOUR family LOVES!

Sweets and Treats. I love them. All of them. Except for lemon and coconut stuff. But everything else, I probably am a fan of! I also love to spoil my family with special goodies. Probably more then I should, but that is often a selfish doing… oops!

I have three of our family favorites to share today. These are Stammeyer Kid tested and approved!

First- POPCORN! A couple of years ago, for Mother’s Day, I asked for a BIG popcorn machine. Popcorn supplies are cheap and easy to keep on hand, have a long shelf life and it’s just plain yummy. We now have a popcorn station set up in the kitchen for easy access and make it quite often, sometimes for supper. It is great to have when friends come over and is a staple during our summer Hobnob & Hogwash evenings. This holiday season I also started trying my hand at making caramel corn. Having the machine to whip up the popcorn made the whole process super slick! There are also TONS of flavoring seasonings you can add to popcorn to jazz it up including kettle corn, cinnamon and sugar and ranch. The key to movie theater popcorn is Flavacol seasoning and a little (or a lot) of popcorn butter. The best brand we’ve found so far is Kernel Season’s Movie Theater Butter.

Second- Mini Ice Cream Treats. I’ll admit, ice cream isn’t my go-to treat which is why these work for us… otherwise I would likely eat them all! During the summer months anytime the mini treats are on sale I STOCK UP! They are great to have on hand on a hot day or when we have friends over. It takes no prep on my end and yet everyone is happy. And the key is the MINI treats. When you have small people around, too often the full sized treats get dumped when half-eaten and create a big ol’ mess. Rarely does this happen when the little treats. And if they really need more, they can have two! Along this same line, I also am a big fave of the frozen pies from Wal-Mart. They are under $5 with several flavors. Keep some in the freezer for those pop-up dinner guests or when you need to celebrate… or when it’s just been a hard day and momma needs a treat!

Lastly- Kwik Trip. Now if you aren’t from the midwest, you won’t know what this is. But where I come from Kwik Trip is a staple convenience store. It’s one of my favorite places. They have everything you need and they offer great discounts. Kwik Trip donuts are a must in our home. Again, cheap and thought-free. They are my favorite bribe and reward. And of course, the kiddos LOVE them!

I do know how to bake. I do make homemade goodies for my family. Every year since my oldest started school we make homemade goodie bags for teachers, bus drivers and the mail person for the holidays. I KNOW homemade is best! BUT… homemade isn’t always easiest. So these are my tips and tricks to get the job done!

I’d love to hear what you love too! How do you love on your family with food?

Happy Harvesting,



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