January in Review

Well, January is behind us. It always feel like it takes extra long. Between the short dark days, cold damp weather and the let down after the holidays, it often feels like January never seems to sparkle the same way as the other months.

But January has it’s own magic. A time for renewal and evaluation. A time to start fresh with goals and aspirations of the new year. I recently wrote of my goals for the year for our family including projects and quality time.

We didn’t finish our house project, but we had a great time on our dates and family time.

Ross and I started the month with a quick overnight to visit friends. We find that too often we get into the routine of “life” and don’t spend the quality time needed for real connection. Time away from the kids is a necessary part of our relationship and we value it greatly. (Also, HUGE shout out to those that help us watch our kiddos and allow us this opportunity.)

Ignore our tired, puffy eyes! We aren’t used to late nights! 

For our kid date, I had the great privilege of taking my oldest son, Josiah out to dinner and rock climbing. It was so fun to give him my full and undivided attention, to hear about his day, listen to his stories and jokes and experience something new with just him. 

And, lastly, our family project. Our kids love to build and create. My husband and I chose this month to find some old pieces of wood, hammers and nails and see what the kids would come up with. Each kid constructed something completely unique and original. Josiah loves to hunt (well, the idea of hunting for now…) and built a cross bow. Charlotte created a gymnastic apparatus for her barbies. And Eli enjoyed “banging”… that’s a direct quote.

We are too often reminded how short and precious life is. It’s an honor and blessing to spend my days with these amazing humans that God has gifted me. Love each other.

Happy Harvesting,


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