Back on the Wagon

Well folks, I’m at it again. Writing. Blogging. This whole thing.

I’m not sure if any of you have noticed but the world seems to be falling apart thanks to a global pandemic. Much of my world has changed, other pieces are exactly the same. I’m not currently working outside the home. Obviously, substitute teaching isn’t an option when there is no school, and I couldn’t work at the fitness center when it was closed. But that has allowed me the opportunity to spend the summer (and last several months) at home with my children. All three are still alive and thriving so I’m counting that as my win. My husband’s work schedule has not changed, and he really isn’t in much harm as he mostly interacts only with pigs (the animals, I’m not name-calling here, haha!) It’s been a blessing knowing that our financial situation has been steady. We are lucky.

Homeschooling wasn’t my most favorite thing. We had some wins and some loses. The first few weeks were great. Then I became overwhelmed with the process and the workload of three different aged young children as well as a home to maintain… and summer break started early. We will regroup soon and try again.

My mental health has been a roller coaster. I’m thankful for the skills I’ve learned but it isn’t always enough. You see, I’ve created a universe of safety nets and backup plans and when the world shut down, so did many of those outlets. I’m not giving up or giving in, just coping the best I can, leaning on those who will support me, and continually reminding myself that this too shall pass.

This week I spent some time at a blogging workshop. I learned all kinds of tips and tricks to build my blog. The biggest takeaway though was to maintain my motivation. I’m getting back on the wagon or horse or bull or bike or whatever metaphor you like. It might not be a perfect journey but I’m still going.

So thank you for continuing this journey with me. Please keep coming back. Follow our farm on instagram and facebook. Let’s be friends.

Happy Harvesting,


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