I had planned to write about graphic design today. But I’m not going to. There are to many thoughts and feelings and emotions swirling inside me. So here are a few. Putting them into the universe helps. Thanks for reading.

Life has been weighing on my heart.
The heaviness of the air is smothering.
I can’t fix the problem, I can’t make it better.
I can’t protect you. I can only hold you close.
I created your life and yet my breath may take it all away.
The pain I hold within me is straining my every cell.
The fear is endless is this world, suffocating.
But the wind cannot blow away the bolder.
The air can turn, swirl, move;
The pebble may tumble down the bumpy road.
Yet large stone is changeless. Unmoving.
The one I cling to. Steadfast.
The bolder does not waiver. It is the one we use as our foundation.
You are the cornerstone.
You lift the weight of the world. You free my heart. 

Happy Harvesting,


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