Merry Christmas 2020

Well… it’s been a year huh? 2020. I won’t soon forget!
Remember back when we had plans and goals and aspirations for the year, seems like a life time ago. I certainly had big ideas for 2020 and most of them failed. We were going to go on dates, Ross and I and special one-on-one time with our kids. We were getting healthy and spending lots of time at the gym, feeling great mentally and physically. We were going to go to DISNEY WORLD!

Life changes.

We all have come to accept a reality that we never would have even dreamed a possibility ten months ago. By the way, what’s your favorite mask? I know you have one by now!

So let’s take a moment to focus on the good and positives that have come from the past year that will give me motivation to continue to set goals and plans for 2021 and know more then ever how to be flexible. Here’s a month by month playbook of what life on the Stammeyer Farmstead looked like in 2020.

January- We had a family project night, letting the kids build whatever they wanted, including a Barbie balance beam and crossbow. I took Josiah on the first of what was supposed to be monthly date nights. We were excited to start a new year! Charlotte partook in a cheer camp and I do believe she was the cutest cheerleader that ever was… not biased.

February- Ross and I got a weekend away, going to a very fun adult prom event and a deer decided it was time for a new vehicle.

March- We celebrated Charlotte being SIX with a girls weekend in Wisconsin Dells with my sister, niece, mom and good friend (three of these special ladies celebrate birthdays in March). Charlotte got the best present from her Aunt Lacey, Rocco the goat. He’s the funniest little guy who considers himself one of the family. We also started the new venture of “Schooling from home.” We did experiments and crafts and math problems and letter writing… and made a beer can tower. I know you mom’s out there know what I’m talking about.

April- We celebrated Easter and our Anniversary in different ways, just us five. There were some really long days, some really hard moments. But overall, we were blessed in this the season of staying home. The kids played outside, with plenty of room to roam and run. My three bonded in ways that never would have been without this shutdown.

May- We worked on house projects, welcomed kittens and had our first ER visit of the year for Eli (don’t worry, more will come!)

June- Ross and I celebrated our anniversary with a camping trip for just us two. This momma NEEDED a moment away! We said goodbye to Ross’s uncle who passed at the age of 99. We went on our annual Father’s Day camping trip with a much smaller Bemis crew. We spent a lot of time swimming and enjoying the sunshine. And at the end of the month we bought our big summer project, a new camper! Also…ER visit number two for Eli.

July- We celebrated Independence Day with fireworks on the farm. We spent a lot of time renovating the camper. Our oldest niece graduated from high school and we enjoyed honoring her for all her hard work.

August- We took our camper to Jellystone in Warrens for fun with friends. We got our new-to-us hot tub set up and running- Ross fixed a hot tub that was broken and being tossed away. And we got ready for school to start. We were uneasy, unsure and a bit frightened with the uncertainty that in-person school would bring. Eli started school this year in preschool, Charlotte is in first grade and Josiah is in second. It is the only year they will share a building until high school. I also started substitute teaching “full time.” It seemed to make sense to just stay in the same germ pool and not transfer germs from one environment to another. It has been a great change and I love being with the kids and having a balance of time at home.

September- Josiah turned EIGHT! We had a party for him, inviting just the boys from his school class (as they already spent all day together.) They had an epic nerf battle and some quality hot tub time. We went to the apple orchard with Nana and cousins. Charlotte started dance, Josiah started gymnastics and both started piano lessons. We started a new kind of busy.

October- We finished out our camping season, celebrated Ross’s birthday, Grandpa’s 80th birthday, and went to the ER, again. However this time it was for Charlotte and her broken arm. We dressed up for Halloween and took one last trip to the apple orchard.

November- We played and went to school and work and activities. We celebrated Thanksgiving while on quarantine for possible exposure and started decorating for Christmas extra early… because 2020 and it made me happy. It was a wonderful way to spend the holiday, quite and relaxed.

December- We said goodbye to our longtime equine friend, Grace and welcomed a new baby into the clan- Covi (named after Covid-19), a Pomeranian/beagle mix. The kids are beyond smitten and eager to get him potty trained so he can start sleeping in their beds… we’ll see if that ever happens. We were excited to watch our nephew take third place in the junior world rodeo championship for senior saddle bronc riding. We also celebrated a major milestone- our first GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. Eli turned FIVE. While we didn’t get to go the waterpark as we had hoped months before, we did have a pretty good day, including a golden ninja outfit and dirtbike style bicycle. The month isn’t over, but we are really hoping we are done with ER visits (knock on wood.) We are excited to celebrate Christmas- the presents are wrapped and under the tree- and we are so looking forward to what the new year has to bring.

Thank you for following along with us this year. Thank you for sharing in our joys, excitements and struggles. Thank you for the kind words you’ve shared and the silent prayers you’ve sent. Know we have returned them at every opportunity. We are sending you are best wishes for health, safety, love and joy in the new year.

Happy Harvesting,
Leah, Ross, Josiah, Charlotte, Eli and our herd of furry friends

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