Fruit Pizza + Great Friends= Fun Night

On Saturday evening, our  family visited some good friends for dinner. They had recently shared some very good news with us, so we needed to celebrate! It was so nice to get together for adult conversation (and beverages) and still be able to bring the kiddos. For dinner we made homemade pizza, one with pepperoni and peppers and the other with chicken and pesto. Both were very yummy!

Then for dessert I prepared the ingredients for personal fruit pizza. It was a hit!

I started with pre-made sugar cookie dough and split it up into pie tins. I even used a little pie tin for Josiah’s… but it was gone before I started taking pictures. These were a bit large, but who doesn’t love left over fruit pizza for breakfast??


For “sauce” I mixed a low-fat vanilla fruit dip with some low-fat whipped cream.


Then I cut up lots of fruit. Quick trick for this, I used the slicing blade on my food processor for several of the fruits. It made the chopping super quick and the fruit came out looking very pretty!


Naturally, I have no pictures of the final product because we were all to busy eating them!! YUM-O!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

Happy Harvesting,


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