Resolution Check-In

Here we are folks, the first week of May! Where has the year gone?? I am POSITIVE it was January last week!!! Maybe that’s because the weather is just starting to get nice here. I put Josiah in shorts for the first time, partly because it’s supposed to be quite warm today and partly because he didn’t have any pants in his bin and I didn’t want to go digging to find some… hehe.

So, being that it’s May, I figured now was a good time to check in on our new year’s resolutions for the year. We aren’t at the half way mark yet so their is still plenty of time to make some changes.

This year, Ross and I both made a list of goals we had for the year. Things we wanted to improve on for ourselves and our family. Then we put them in a ranking order. I used those terms to make these word art pieces on Wordle. If you’ve never tried Wordle, its totally fun! You just put in a list of words or a piece of writing and it makes art from it. The more a word appears the bigger it is. So for my lists, the first words I would put in 10-15 times, the bottom of the list was 1-2 times, thus the different sizes. You can then play with colors and fonts until you get the picture you want.

Here are our goals!


We have them posted in our kitchen so we can see them daily. I would say we have about half of our goals going. However, as I look at it, some of the most important ones are still in the works. By the end of our days, Ross and I are so tired from the daily grind of work, farm, house chores and to small ones that our end of day routine is put to the wayside. Our intentions are always good, but follow-through is lacking. Do you have any tips to get us kicked started when all we want to do is lay on the couch? What is your evening routine?

Have any of you completed a goal this year? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below!

Happy Harvesting,


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