Birthday Present

Hey! Hey!

This week has been a busy one in our house… We’ve been getting new toys! I’ll tell you all about the husband’s Father’s Day gift next week 🙂

My birthday is next week so I got my present a little early!


Its a GMC 2009 Acadia and I love her!

We’ve been looking at vehicles for a while. We needed another car with four-wheel drive. We live on a gravel road in the country with hills. In the winter there were several days that our van just didn’t have the oomph to make it up our hills. This makes getting to work on time tricky! We also knew we wanted something with a third row. Kids require ALOT of stuff when traveling. Also, if we ever wanted to take the grandparents, cousins or friends with, we would need more seating. Our other vehicle is a Hyundai Santa Fe, which we love, but needed more space.wpid-20140519_181755.jpg

This Acadia came up at a local dealership for a great price. We had to jump on it! I am SO happy. It’s extremely roomy and drives great on our crazy country roads. I’m also loving the bluetooth. I pretty much call people simply to tell them I’m calling through my car! BOOM!wpid-20140520_073748.jpg

Thanks hubby for this… no, you don’t get to drive it!

Happy Harvesting,


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