Blessed with the Best

Today is a big day. It's a celebration. It's important. It's my mom's birthday!! I don't want to embarrass her with sharing her age, but I'm going to. Before I do, I'll explain why. My mother is the best. Absolute best. She answers all 15 of my phone calls every day (unless she's in water... Continue Reading →


  Howdy Y'all! I just wanted to share a bit about my weekend. I had a GREAT weekend. Don't you love when those happen? When everything just works out. Having our crazy life of work-farm-kids-family-church-stuff, it often happens that we are just to busy to enjoy. But this weekend, I got to enjoy and it... Continue Reading →

A day to remember

As I sat in my freshman English class, in a room filled with people I was still getting to know, my life, our lives changed forever. I remember the day so vividly. It was between classes and the teacher from the next room came in and told us to turn on our T.V. We watched... Continue Reading →

My 27 years

Today is my 27th birthday. That seems like such a big number. I can so vividly remember my 6th birthday. It was my golden birthday. I got a bike. It was red and pretty sweet. So in honor of my 27 years, I'm going to share 27 things about me. For some of you this... Continue Reading →

Birthday Present

Hey! Hey! This week has been a busy one in our house... We've been getting new toys! I'll tell you all about the husband's Father's Day gift next week 🙂 My birthday is next week so I got my present a little early! Its a GMC 2009 Acadia and I love her! We've been looking... Continue Reading →

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