Lug Nuts & Look-A-Likes

Last night Ross was working on my car. It needed two new struts. He told me what that means… but I forgot. I just know that he ordered the parts online and they were way cheaper then buying them from the car store and I liked that. anyway…

He had to take the tire off, so he put the lug nuts on top of an over turned bucket so he wouldn’t lose them. Then he came back to look for them and they were gone. (Not really surprised…) He found them screwed back onto the bolts. All five of them.wpid-img952014031195181439645.jpg

Josiah had done it! What a smart little guy! He LOVES helping Daddy in the garage or on the farm. He watches everything Ross does and tried his hardest to mimic him. I like when Ross is carrying wood into the garage and Josiah will grab one log and grunt and groan to try and get it to the wood pile. Josiah is also a complete gearhead at the rip old age of 21 months! Anything that has to do with a car, truck or tractor, Josiah is all about it. He loves to drive anything with a steering wheel and is always trying to fix his own cars. Too cute.


On another note, I was looking for some pictures for Friday’s post and came across a few interesting ones. Tell me if you think my kids are really mine! Haha, look alikes are the greatest!


Happy Harvesting,


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