Howdy Y'all! I just wanted to share a bit about my weekend. I had a GREAT weekend. Don't you love when those happen? When everything just works out. Having our crazy life of work-farm-kids-family-church-stuff, it often happens that we are just to busy to enjoy. But this weekend, I got to enjoy and it... Continue Reading →

DIY Ice Cream Sandwich

We have some exciting thing coming up at Harvesting Roots Family Farm (including new branding!!) As I prepare to launch these new "things," there have been some leftovers in the kitchen. So tonight I used these leftovers to make my wonderful husband a little treat. Both our little ones fell asleep early due to shots... Continue Reading →

Madison Wedding

This happened quite a while back, but I'm just getting caught up on my writing! Between kids (yes, that is ALWAYS a valid excuse), vacations, ending and starting a new job, and end of summer chores, the writing has been pushed to the back. But hopefully my schedule will even out quickly and I can... Continue Reading →

At The Lake

Two weeks ago, my little family, my parents and my sister, her boyfriend & my niece traveled to mid-eastern Wisconsin for a week on the lake. There is something about a lake that brings me great peace. I can't lie however, being on a lake with an almost two year old and a 5 month... Continue Reading →

Date Night Challenge; date #2

      On a recent Wednesday, after a rough day, Ross informed me that on Saturday we would be going on our second date of our date night challenge. I was, first, surprised he remembered anything about it, and second, excited to see what he would come up with. He worked hard to keep it a... Continue Reading →

A list of good things

This past week had a few more frustrating moments then I like to have. Nothing major, just small things, but they were adding up fast. So as it is Monday, a new week, a new beginning I want to review some of the GOOD moments of the last couple days. Start fresh with a happy... Continue Reading →

A future in Aquaponics

Yesterday I shared a bit of my past life journey with you. Today, its about the future and moving forward!Currently, my husband works full time driving semi for a hog company. He's home every night and enjoys his work enough, but it's not his ultimate goal. I currently work part time and am home with... Continue Reading →

Healing Tool

So today I'm going to tell you a little story. It's probably going to be a long story. But it's the story of why the blog came to be. I feel it is time to share this. Many years ago, as a sophomore in high school I was diagnosed with depression. At first is was... Continue Reading →

Date Night #1

This past weekend my wonderful and amazing in-laws took our children for the weekend (along with their own two and a newborn foster baby! WOW!) It was SUCH a blessing. Ross and I have really been needing some time to reconnect and remember why we enjoy each other. On Friday, Ross was able to go... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Weekend

Last weekend was Father's Day. I must start with saying how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing Father. He has taught be so much in life, with the greatest lesson being how to love unconditionally. Thank you for being my Dad. I love you every day and every night, all day and... Continue Reading →

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