Weigh-in Wednesday: Egg Salad

It’s been a few weeks since I did a Weigh-In Wednesday on an actual Wednesday!

So here is a little recipe for my Egg Salad. Being as we have chickens that give us LOTS of eggs, I try to make atleast one egg-based meal a week. I’m a big fan of this one!

wpid-20140527_171546.jpgStart with hard boiling your eggs. I usually do a dozen. For those who haven’t mastered egg boiling, this is how I do it. Start with the egg in a pot, cover with cold water for the eggs are just barely submerged. Heat on high until there is a rapid boil going. Boil for 7 minutes. Then turn off the heat, cover and let sit. I let mine sit for a long time. I find they peel easier if you let them sit longer. Some might find this makes the eggs to rubbery. Totally up to you.

Peel your eggs. Another trick, dip your eggs in a bowl of water after peeling. This will get off any small bits of shell you missed. I chop my eggs up with my Tupperware chopper. I have chopped them in the food processor, but find it chops the eggs too small and my salad gets mushy.

Then comes the secret ingredient. My grandmother taught me this. It was one of the few cooking tips Grandma Betty gave me, but it’s a good one. Pickle Juice. At least 2-3 tablespoons of the juice. I also chop up a bunch of pickles. Sometimes I use dill and sometimes I use bread & butter pickles. It just depends on my mood. I also like to chop up celery and bell pepper. I mix all this together in a big bowl.

Then comes the wetness. I use a little spicy mustard and a little mayo. Then I like to add either avocado or hummus. If I’m going to put in the extra calories I also want to put in some protein or extra vitamins! I mix that all up. I just guess on amounts and keep adding until the salad is the consistency I want. I add some black pepper, Cheyenne pepper, paprika and a little onion powder and VIOLA! DONE!wpid-20140527_171542.jpg

I like to eat this on an open face English muffin or croissant. or sometimes with just a spoon!


Happy Harvesting,


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