Where is your Purple?

525958_3654892448159_1557639099_n   I have often shared stories on here of people who inspire me. Today it goes out in combination to a few wonderful women. A very important woman to my up bringing was my mom’s mother, Grandma Nelson. She was a pastor’s wife, mother of six, grandmother of 12, great grandmother to 12 at the time of her passing (we’re up to 14 now!), educator, cook, reader, scrabble champion, friend to all and devoted Christian woman. 405929_3345781160570_551934352_n

My Grandma taught me how to make pie crust. She was patient and kind. She always made your favorite dessert on your birthday and there were always homemade cookies above the fridge. When my sister and I were little we would sometimes stay with her when my parents went out of town. She would take us to the swimming pool and show us off around town. She taught me about volunteering and what it truly means to have a servant’s heart. She would deliver mail to the residents of the nursing home. She had about a million address labels in her desk. She would let my sister and I play with the “stickers.” She had so many because she gave money to all those in need. I hated playing scrabble with her simply because I didn’t have a running chance. She could beat my entire game with one word! I was fortunate enough to take a few trips with my Grandma. Let me just say that running through the airport carrying three carry-ons while my my pushes my Grandma in her walker (that had a seat and wheels) was quite an adventure!! That’s my number three of my top favorite Grandma memories. Number two would be having my Grandma at my wedding. She was starting to wear out at that time. But that day she was beautiful. She had the best smile. My most favorite memory of my Grandma was the day I introduced her to my son. Josiah was a week old, and just a week later my Grandma went to her heavenly home.

28114_1284688513611_1841819_nMy Grandmas was ALWAYS reading. She was constantly expanding her mind. She would give talks and presentations on a variety of subjects. She wanted to keep her mind as sharp as possible. Part of the reason for her passion for learning was that Alzheimer’s runs in our family. My Great-Grandmother suffered from it. My Grandma visited her every day during the last few years of her life. She watcher her mother deteriorate. My Grandmother was in the beginning stages of the disease when she passed. It was a blessing. It was a horrid and incredibly sad thing to watch my Grandma not just forget the people around her, but forget where she was, forget why she was there, forget how to do basic functions. My mother visited her mother daily, and watched her deteriorate. I don’t want to follow this pattern. I don’t want to witness the lost of my mother before her body is ready to go. My mom often jokes that if she ever gets to that stage, just to let her wander off into the woods and know that she will soon be in a better place. Of course I will never do that. Ideally, I would like to see an end to Alzheimer’s. Both for my mom, for myself and for my children. I love traditions, however this is one I’d like to see end.

This leads me to another special woman in my life. 314069_2501881472624_208348319_n

Her name is Susan and I think she is a pretty cool chick. Susan came into my life when I was 18. I’ll tell you the story of how on another day. But Susan and I share some pretty important things in life. Susan works for the Alzheimer’s Association. She does all kinds of amazing fundraisers to help put an end to this disease. Her next one is the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Chicago. I sponsored her, will you? Or sponsor someone you know! These walks happen nation wide! Maybe you can walk. Maybe I’ll walk… I’m going to look at my calendar for that one! Find Sue’s page HERE!


Go a little purple today!

Happy Harvesting,


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