Father’s Day Weekend


Last weekend was Father’s Day. I must start with saying how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing Father. He has taught be so much in life, with the greatest lesson being how to love unconditionally. Thank you for being my Dad. I love you every day and every night, all day and all night, forever and ever.

Now I’ll share with you about how I spent my weekend.

This story starts a few years ago… When a young man named Floyd met a young lady named Betty in a bar. Floyd thought Betty was beautiful and knew she came from a well-to-do family. Betty noticed Floyd had a wallet full of cash. That’s it… she was after the money! Hahaha! Little did she know he was just a cow breeder, finishing his route for the day. In those days, farmer’s paid in cash and the breeder then turned in the money to the company. Floyd has simply stopped off for a beverage after work. By the time Betty figured it all out, it was to late. They were married, and thus began a legacy. A legacy rooted in faith and family. Betty and Floyd never had much money, but they were rich in every other way. Betty and Floyd were blessed with 8 children. Ok, Floyd was blessed, Betty was plagued. But that’s neither here nor there. Floyd said he wanted to have a basketball team of his own. So they had babies until their were three girls, and five strapping boys. Pat, Peg, Mike, Jeff, Pete, Jan, John and Tim. (A fun game in this family is to see who can say all the names of the kids in order the fastest. I think I can do it in about 3 seconds.) All off these kids grew to have have spouses. Then have children of their own. Betty and Floyd have 32 grandchildren. Now the grandchildren are growing up to have families of their own. Betty and Floyd have 23 great-grandchildren and two more on the way. Legacy.


Every year on Father’s Day weekend we get together for a big family reunion. It is my favorite weekend of the year, and many of my cousins feel the same way. This year we had 60 people gathered together. Fun y’all, it is fun!

We have some traditions. We do meals together. Each of the “originals” and their families are assigned meals to share and everyone pitches in. If you are ever hungry during this weekend it is your own stupid fault! There was SO much food! Ross & I were part of the Saturday morning breakfast crew. We like this spot because we can easily provide the eggs (thanks to our chickens) and ham (thanks to our pig).

10440637_10202163606323759_1526058798141353410_nNana snuggles in the morning are simply the best.

Through out the day other traditions include a raging game of SPUD. It’s played with a large ball. Every person is given a “secret” number. Then the ball is thrown into the air and a number is called. If it’s your number, you have to run, catch the ball and yell SPUD! If it is not your number, you run away from the ball as fast as possible. Once the ball is caught and spud has been yelled, you must stop running. The person with the ball then has three steps/jumps to take in any direction with the object being to get as close to another person as possible. They then throw the ball. If another person is hit, they receive a letter. If the thrower misses, the thrower receives a letter. The first person to spell out s-p-u-d loses and must go through the spanking machine. The spanking machine is where we all line up in two rows and the loser must run between us and be spanked by every other person. It sounds a bit barbaric… and trust me, it is. For some crazy reason, the ‘newbie’ of the camp out always seems to be the one who has to run through the spanking machine. If you want to know how that could be… it’s because we cheat. A lot. It’s our own form of hazing. And it’s a blast 🙂

Spud and it’s spectators.


Other traditions include an adult game of volleyball. I watch. I’m a terrible volleyball player. But a lot of my family is really good. So it’s fun to watch. And of course much more eating… much more. Some people’s children choose to eat sand…


Some kids eat sand…10372781_267538490101043_7965608605025458384_n

My stud of a husband going in for the kill (white T).10474903_10152442554968119_9187081453336434642_nThe man who raised me… this should explain so much!

The starting about 10 years ago, the women usually have a shower of some sort on Saturday afternoon. This year was baby showers for two of my cousins who are both expecting in August. Since last year’s camp out there were four babies born, the year before that their were five (I think)… needless to say there are a lot of little ones running around. Buppa Floyd would have been beaming. He loved babies and he loved his family. Are these not the cutest campground-baby-shower decorations you’ve ever seen!

1546144_10202163634964475_1338294654590078984_n10460737_10202163636644517_4542557462342848664_n10294242_267536446767914_8589558632751328121_nBeautiful decorations


The quilt I made for my cousin from special fabric.


My cousin & Aunt with a blanket made special for the new baby.

And one of the final traditions is singing and having smore’s around the camp fire. I didn’t get a picture, but Josiah LOVED the guitar playing. He was dancing and clapping up a storm. He always was a HUGE fan of all the ‘Bop-bops’ around (that’s grandpa in Josiah). He learned very quickly that if you go up to a Bop-bop and say “cookie peasss” and then smile, you are likely to be given a cookie. This is heaven for Josiah. Also, there were lots of pretty girls around and Josiah likes pretty girls (who aren’t his sister).


We got to use our NEW camper for the first time as well. LOVED IT!! It was great to have the space. and the kids slept like champs. All in all, it was a great weekend. And I can’t wait for next year!

Happy Harvesting,


Photos taken by my cousins and Aunt… my camera was dead 😦

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