The hands that hold my children

So in my last post I talked a little bit about a Shaken Baby Syndrome facebook page I’ve been following. It makes my heart so sad to hear of babies who aren’t be loved the way the should be. And when I turn the news on in the evenings all you hear about is people who have died for ridiculous reasons and about those who are suffering from intense issues. It all just makes me want to hold my babies so tight. and never let go. ever.

But we must let go. We must allow our children to be they people they will be. We also must be allowed to live our own lives. I love my children to the ends of the earth, but I enjoy other things too. Some of those things don’t involve peanut butter covered fingers or spit up on my shirt.

So my children go to day care and have babysitters. Josiah started day care when he was 2 months old. Charlotte was 3 weeks old.

And let me tell y’all, I have had the MOST AMAZING people care for my children. I love them all so so very much.

For Josiah’s first year and just a bit past he spent his days with my sister-in-law. Best thing ever. If you can’t spend every day with your child, you want them to be with someone who will love and care for them just like you would. Who can do this better then a auntie?? Not many! And to add to that wonderfulness (yup, that’s a word), Josiah’s cousin was also there, who is 17 days older then him. One of Josiah’s first words was “Icah” which is what he calls his cousin. They are two little trouble makers and it’s awesome. When I first went back to work, I missed my baby alot. I felt like something was missing when he wasn’t with me. But I also was completely confident and comfortable where he was. I never once worried about what he was doing or if he was ok. It was such a huge blessing to have my baby with family. Plus, I loved the bond that my sister-in-law and I have been able to form by seeing each other everyday. Now that I work closer to home, he doesn’t go there any more, and we miss our time with them!


When I took a job closer to home, Josiah started at a new day care. Neither my husband or I were aware of anyone to watch our son in our town when we started looking. So we asked friends and family for recommendations. And, yet again, that Holy Spirit was working hard! We called a few places that were all full. We only found one with openings. (We also were pregnant, so wanted somewhere that would have space for baby eventually.) And that one place has been wonderful. There are alot of kiddos there. And they all love my little boy. It is such a heart warming feeling when we walk in the door and five little faces come running yelling “JOSI’S HERE!” When I go pick up Josiah, he never comes running. He’ll usually gives me a smile, maybe a ‘Momma’ and then just keeps on playing. I like that he’s happy there. That he isn’t wanting to leave right away. That he has friends. And his daycare provider is wonderful. She’s the most flexible person ever. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve changed plans or called her last minute to watch Josiah and she always says “sure, no problem, bring him over!” She also has two high school girls that go to our church work for her during the summer. Josiah has come to love these girls like his own. We have them babysit for us often and Josiah is a big fan. When we started bringing Charlotte to the daycare, the other kids tried to “call” her. And I’ve heard they fight over her at times. Again, wonderful feeling to know your kids are so loved.


Lastly, when Charlotte was born and still so little we wanted to wait a while to take her to a daycare with lots of kids. We also wanted to let Josiah have something that was just his. So he stayed at his day care with his friends and no baby for a couple months. I asked a friend from church if she would be interested in watching Charlotte for awhile. She has a school aged some and one who will start school next year. Her babies are not babies any more and I thought she might like a little girl to help with the baby fever I’m sure every mom gets. She agreed and what a beautiful thing it has been. To watch the way she loves my daughter and cares for her as if she was her own melts my heart. And the way that Charlotte lights up when she sees her is magical. Our day care provider’s sons love our baby girl too. They get so excited to see her. I’ve heard they are also disappointed when she doesn’t visit. As the school year came to an end I asked our friend if she would be interested in watching both my kids a couple days a week. They live on a farm and have LOTS of tractor toys, so I knew Josiah would be in heaven. She agreed and it’s be a great thing. Josiah walks in that house and completely forgets I even exists because he’s busy with the tractors and big boys. Again, Josiah is not pleased when it’s time to leave.

I love having to bribe my son to go home. I usually ask if he wants to go see Daddy or Grandpa… I’m pretty much only good for food according to that kid 🙂 I’m beyond blessed to have such wonderful and amazing women care for my children. I’m so thankful to never worry about the care they are receiving. I’m so happy that my greatest worry is the behavior of my children, not that of the people they are with. I’m so happy that my children have so many other people to teach them about life and loving one another and showing kindness to all. These women who have cared for and continue to care for my children truly do just that. They CARE.

I love you all so dearly. Thank you for blessing our family.

1380359_10201435350799285_1280948814_n(all the pictures today are pictures I’ve received during the day from daycare. Love those messages!)

Happy Harvesting,

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