January in Review

Well, January is behind us. It always feel like it takes extra long. Between the short dark days, cold damp weather and the let down after the holidays, it often feels like January never seems to sparkle the same way as the other months. But January has it's own magic. A time for renewal and... Continue Reading →

Indulgent Why

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life when you feel like you can see your path, you know your direction? You've got a handle on life and things are figured out? Yea... I'm not there. I haven't been there for a LONG time. About five years ago I thought I was getting... Continue Reading →

101 before 30- an update

Just over a year ago I put together a list of 101 thing I wanted to accomplish before my 30th birthday. We are now just under a year and a half from that monumental birthday, haha. I figured it was time to update and see how far I've come. I've pasted the original list below... Continue Reading →

101 Before 30

At a recent therapy appointment (yes, I see a therapist, yes, you should too!) my therapist suggested a life list idea for me. This this would be something to keep me motivated and excited about life. She suggested a 101 in 1001 list. This would be a 101 things to do in the next 1001... Continue Reading →

Reading for Renewal

I recently got a tablet. I had been wanting to change a few things with our phones anyway and they were a good deal. And it turns out, I love alot of things about it. One of these things is the access to books. I like to read, but often have a hard time carving... Continue Reading →

His Will Be Done

The other day as I perused through my facebook feed I noticed someone had liked a post that looked interesting. I don't know who liked the post or how it came across my feed, but I'm pretty sure it was the Holy Spirit. That Spirit is a tricky little guy and I couldn't love it... Continue Reading →

Resolution Check-In

Here we are folks, the first week of May! Where has the year gone?? I am POSITIVE it was January last week!!! Maybe that's because the weather is just starting to get nice here. I put Josiah in shorts for the first time, partly because it's supposed to be quite warm today and partly because... Continue Reading →

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