Bittersweet Days

The last couple of days have been full of bittersweet events. Sad goodbyes, happy hellos, new adventures and time with and away from loved ones.
On Wednesday I said goodbye to to my position as secretary at my church. This job has opened so many doors to me relationships for me. I have been able to make me friends and connect with my community. I have been able to serve those in need while serving God. I have also been cared and loved for. When Charlotte was born received so much love and kindness from the congregation. Homes and hearts have been opened to me and I couldn’t be more grateful. I also worked with some fabulous people. My pastor/boss has always been extremely understanding and is the type of person that truly wants what’s best for each person. Many days this last winter, when it was unbelievably cold, he didn’t mind if I came in late or changed my schedule so that I wouldn’t have to take my little one (Char wasn’t born yet) out on the cold. He was one of the first people at the hospital to meet Charlotte. He would come and take Charlotte out of her seat and hold her and sing to her when I was trying to work. And whenever his wonderful wife came into the office to help… Well that was always good for a chuckle. Together, they showed me what it means to be in a loving, life-long, Christian marriage. Some times they would banter back and forth or roll their eyes at one another, but they always made each other laugh and always said “I love you,” before they left. As I watched them I could see reminders of struggle, hardship and late night discussions. But more then that, I’ve see a great love. The kind of love that weathers all storms and comes out with the olive branch. Thank you for sharing these beautiful life lessons with me, even without any words.
And while this journey is ending, another is beginning. In just a few days I will take on a new role at our local high school. I’ll be a para/teaching assistant working with the special education department. I don’t know yet what this job will all entail, but I’m looking forward to the adventure.

I just finished an adventure of a different kind. I spent the last four days in the car with my mom, my aunt, my son and my daughter on our way to Michigan for my cousins wedding. This was the longest rode trip my kids have ever been on and it’s also the longest the kids have been away from their daddy. Dad was defiantly very sad and he missed his kiddos terribly. I love the extra time with my mom and aunt. But my goodness did I miss my husband (& bed)! Thankfully the kiddos were amazing little travelers. It’s wasn’t until the end of day three in the car that they started to lose it, and even then they just wanted to be out of their seats! The bride was beautiful and the venue was gorgeous. Of course one night the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night, we got just a little lost after the reception and I didn’t get to see one of my favorite cousins on Saturday (she’s almost an M.D. and fell back asleep studying, so I’ll give her an out, just this once!) But no matter good or bad, memories were made. And we made it home safe and sound to a very happy daddy and clean house!!

Now I have a week off to spent time with my small ones, clean and organize my house and prepare my soul and spirit for the next adventure.

Happy harvesting,




The last night of our travels we stayed at my cousin’s home. Both little thought it was a great stop! The two oldest thought so too because there was wine…

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