DIY Ice Cream Sandwich

We have some exciting thing coming up at Harvesting Roots Family Farm (including new branding!!)
As I prepare to launch these new “things,” there have been some leftovers in the kitchen.
So tonight I used these leftovers to make my wonderful husband a little treat. Both our little ones fell asleep early due to shots for the baby and a sick big boy. This meant Dancing With The Stars and DIY ice cream sandwiches for Daddy and I!wpid-img_20140922_192218.jpg

I made these chocolate sugar cookies and they are very yummy! Tonight a took two cookies and a scoop of ice cream between them and voila! Ice cream sandwich!! Quick, easy and delicious!!


Husband enjoying his treat!

I’ll be posting more on these cookies and others (wink, wink) very soon.
Happy Harvesting,

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