Filling a Family

Sometimes God puts people in you life that you aren’t sure why they have a presence there. People that cause you to struggle or become frustrated or just plain not enjoy life. But then there are time when those people come back, God only knows the reason why, and change you. I had a person like this. A person who, at times, I wondered, “Why are you in my life?” This person has not been in an active role in my life for many, many years. However, due to the wonders of facebook, I’ve kept tabs on.

As our life journey’s have taken us on very different paths, we also have some strong similarities. We are both married, we both had a son and then a daughter. We both struggle with our lives being in one place and our hearts being in another. We both have a strong love of God and are committed to his plan. However crazy and frustrating and wonderful his plan is… we try our hardest to live in it.

Now… to a side note. If you would have asked me four years ago when I thought I’d be ready to have children, my answer would have been something like “maybe in 20 years, or never.” I now have two beautiful children that I could not imagine life without. And I’ve come to realize that my family does not feel whole. I have more love to give, more love to share. I want another child. Ross and I talk of this often. When will we be ready? Will we ever be ready? How will this child come into our lives? We are committed to giving our children a certain lifestyle. Currently, we cannot support this lifestyle with another child. So we will wait for God’s plan. We have also talked often of how this child will come to us. While a biological child would be most convenient, it may not be best for us. We are continuing to explore the thoughts of adoption and foster care. We’re trying so very hard to listen for God’s plan. Someday… someday…

Now, back to the previous story. This friend is working to complete her family. She and her husband (and their two beautiful babies) are working hard to grow their family. That may seem like a strange statement…working hard. But their hearts have weighed heavy with determination to adopt their third beautiful baby. It is been a long and exhausting process for them. But it is happening! They will be receiving their newest bundle of joy in December! I cried when I read the post of their exciting news. Partly out of jealously, but mostly out of love and excitement!

Fisher Family Photos056

And this is where I call on you. Adoption is extremely expensive. Extremely. This family is in need of help to bring their baby home. Help you might be able to provide. How awesome of an idea, that you could fill this family! I know that they have had to wrestle morals and values to outstretch a hand and ask for help. But how great of a gift is it to be able to help in this adoption! I think of all the people I know who have gone through the process of adoption. How many lives have been changed, for the adoptive family, the birth family and most importantly the child. I know people whom I would walk to the end of the earth if I knew they could give them the baby the crave. Jesus called the children to him, to care and love for them. It’s now our turn to bring this baby home to be loved and cared for.

I urge you to visit this family’s blog, and read their beautiful story. Consider buying a puzzle piece. If this family isn’t your calling, think about another. Think of other babies in need of homes and love and care.

Happy Harvesting,


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