Happy Halloween… a little late

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So many life happenings, so few blog posts!! Time to play a little catch up!

Let’s start with Halloween! I must say, finding costumes for my children is much more fun then ever finding one for myself. Plus, they are much cuter then me!!

I’m all about a bargain. So I try to get costumes together with as little cost as possible. My kiddos, are still at the age where they only wear the costume once. Maybe in a couple years when they enjoy dressing up a bit more, I’ll spring for something a little more long-lasting. But for now, I’m all about cheap, free or homemade.


When I was still pregnant with Charlotte my sister-in-law bought this super cute Snow White onesie (and it was on major sale!) It fit my little lady PERFECT for Halloween. Except for the headband. I really had to work to get that smashed onto her little head… she did not approve. I pair the outfit with some cute little tights and she was done. Of course on Halloween night it was EXTREMELY cold (welcome to Northeast Iowa!) No one got to see her cute outfit while trick-or-treating due to blankets, coats, hats, mittens and all the other heat-keeping devices that are needed. Boo to cold!!


So for Josiah, I wanted his costume to go along with Char’s. I thought about a dwarf, but being there is only one… it didn’t really make sense. So I decided to go with an APPLE! I had a red t-shirt already and found a red hat at the dollar store. I painted on “A is for Apple” on the t-shirt. Then I used my greatest crafting skills and make a little stem for the hat. I made the stem while Josiah was sleeping, so it might have gotten a little bigger then necessary. But that’s ok!  I used a craft foam to keep the stem standing up-right, then covered it in fabric and felt. Patched it all together, and BAM! APPLE! For this costume the cold helped. I planned on Josiah wearing his coat, so I used a t-shirt that was a bit bigger. His puffy coat helped fill out the apple shape so he looked more round.


Now, naturally, I am a terrible parent and didn’t get any pictures the night of Halloween. These pictures were taken the day after. Let me tell you, I think herding cats would have been easier then getting these pictures. But here they are… TADA!! Nuggets in costume!


Happy Harvesting,


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